Potionomics Luna Character Guide

Get To know all about the energetic saleslady, Luna in Potionomics

Potionomics Luna Character

Luna is one of the characters that you’ll eventually meet in Potionomics, in which players can befriend and have a romantic relationship with. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Potionomics Luna, including how to level up her rank and more.

Potionomics Luna: Who is She?

Potionomics Luna: Who is She

Luna is a moth-lie creature and possesses six limbs, wings, and antennae. She loves eating fruits and is one of the romanceable partners in the game. She also owns a marketing business that her parents don’t approve of and she has the capacity to help improve Sylia’s potion shop.

Potionomics Luna Dialogue Guide

Potionomics Luna Dialogue Guide

In certain events related to Luna, players will enter a conversation with her and choose the correct dialogue. To enter the conversation, players must choose the options, Let’s stay on topic or Tell me more. Once that happens, choices or dialogues will be presented and players must choose the correct one, or else their friendship will be reduced.

The correct dialogues for Luna are the following based on the current rank of Sylia’s friendship with her:

  • Rank 1 – “Are we flirting?”. “It would be a nice change of pace”.
  • Rank 2 – “That’s good information to have”. “Ooh, my very own stalker”.
  • Rank 3 – “Coffee”, “Coffee”, “Robusta”. “Save some room for thoughts of me”.
  • Rank 4 – “Should I be jealous?”. “I trust you to know what you’re doing”.
  • Rank 5 – “We could head back”. “I always enjoy myself with you”.
  • Rank 6 – “I always like a black sheep”. “They’ll come around”.
  • Rank 7 – “You’ve always been hot”. “I like your neurotic energy”.
  • Rank 8 – “You can tough it out”.
  • Rank 9 – “What does your five-year plan say?”
  • Rank 10 – Requires Superior Mana Potion, Superior Stamina Potion.

Potionomics Luna Rewards Guide

Potionomics Luna Rewards Guide

Players who manage to reach at least 4th rank in their friendship with Luna will receive a 10% discount at her store and will increase further by 20% once they have reached rank 8. For each rank that is unlocked, Sylia will receive new cards that she can use on her business.

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