Potionomics Gifts and Increasing Friendships: How To Increase Ranks

Learn how to make friends in Potionomics!

Potionomics Friendship feature

In most interactive games, building relationships with various characters can be done through side missions and giving gifts. Games like Persona 5 Royal, Final Fantasy, and more unlock hidden rewards and unexpected cutscenes that players want to look into. As such, this guide will introduce Potionomics Gifts And Increasing Friendships, so read on.

Potionomics Gifts and Increasing Friendships

Potionomics Gifts And Increasing Friendships Story Quest
story quest

In Potionomics, there are different ways to make friends with the townsfolk. Each person that a Sylvia will encounter will have different ranks in their friendship. The higher the rank, the more rewards and new stories will be revealed.

To increase Sylvia’s friendships with other people, players must enter a dialogue with them. When they do, they must choose the correct dialogue to increase their friendship.

There are a total of four tiers of hangout options for each character, each one having increasing friendship and stress relief:

  • 1st – Default. 1 time.
  • 2nd – Rank 3. 2 time.
  • 3rd – Rank 5. 3 time.
  • 4th – Rank 7. 4 time.
Potionomics Gifts And Increasing Friendships Interaction
Interacting with Mint

Another way to increase your friendship with other characters is by giving gifts. Like in Persona 5 Royal and Legend of Heroes, players can visit other characters and give them items that may like. But note, not all gifts are appreciated by them for there are certain items characters in Potionomics dislike. Luckily below, we have a list of gifts for each character in the game:

  • Quinn – Slime
  • Mint – Bone
  • Muktuk – Fish
  • Baptiste – Flower
  • Saffron – Plant
  • Roxanne – Gem
  • Xid – Bug
  • Luna – Fruit
  • Salt and Pepper – Ore
  • Corsac – Fungus

Each gift as well a certain quality and rarity from bronze to diamond rarity. Higher rarity items will give an extra friendship, so make sure to farm these gifts during your free time.

Another gift that players can use as a universal gift is Pure Mana. This gift is considered as favorite of all the characters and they are Diamond rarity. If you need to unlock new ranks quickly, this is the best item to use.

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