Potionomics Romance Guide – All Romance Options & How it Works

Follow the dream to reach a romantic relationship in Potionomics

Potionomics Romance Option Feature

Making one’s romantic fantasy dream come true is something that gamers such as myself are willing to commit to games that have such features. With the recent release of a new game by XSeed titled Potionomics, fans are astounded by how well-made this is and are loving all of its features. The features available are all stunning, but only one is particularly intriguing, and that is the romance options. This guide will teach players all about Potionomics’ Romance, how it works, and what tips and pointers can be used to make every player’s fantasy dream a reality.

Potionomics Romance: How It Works

Potionomics Romance: How It Works

In Potionomics, befriending the local residents and adventurers can lead to a romantic experience for many. To ensure players know what they’re doing, they need to increase their friendship rank to level 10 through the following:

  • Dialogues
  • Sidequests
  • Gifts

Once players have accomplished this, they can enter the romantic dream that they want to see in the game.

All Romance Options in Potionomics

Potionomics Romance: All 9 Options
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There are a total of 9 options when it comes to romantic partners in Potionomics. You can choose to date the following people in the game:

While players can choose romantic dialogue options for each character simultaneously, they can only date one at a time. Players must carefully choose whom they want to be with until the end of the game.

Potionomics Romance: Best Gifts to Give to Your Partner

To ensure they can get the desired partner, proper gits as stated are required to give to them. Below is the list of the Best Gifts to Give to Your Partner in Potionomics.

  • Mint – Bone
  • Xid – Bug
  • Quinn – Slime
  • Corsac – Fungus
  • Roxanne – Gem
  • Muktuk – Fish
  • Luna – Fruit
  • Baptiste – Flower
  • Saffron – Plant
  • Salt & Pepper – Ore

Each gift as well a certain quality and rarity from bronze to diamond rarity. Higher rarity items will give an extra friendship, so make sure to farm these gifts during your free time.

That’s pretty much it for our Potionomics Romance Guide. For more Potionomics news, guides, and features, check out our other articles here.

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