Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Walkthrough – Prologue

A guide covering the events in the Prologue of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Walkthrough - Prologue

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown follows the story of Sargon, a young warrior and one of the seven Immortals, as he tries to fulfill his duty to protect Persia from other kingdoms and armies that try and conquer it. His duty gets complicated when the current Prince of Persia is kidnapped by a trusted ally, and now he has to do all it takes to rescue the Prince and find out who is responsible for it. Read ahead as we go through the events of the Prologue of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and share some tips and tricks for a great playing experience.


The story begins in a middle of a battle between the Persians and the Kushans. We then get introduced to the seven Immortals, including the main protagonist, Sargon, who join the fight against the invading army.

They meet up with Anahita, one of the generals of the Persian army as she barely survives the onslaught.


You then get control over Sargon as you learn the basics of movement and combat.

  • Move Left/Right: A/D or L-Analog L/R
  • Cam Left/Right: D-Key L/R or R-Analog L/R
  • Crouch: S or L-Analog Down
  • Jump: Space or X
  • Slide: W/S + Shift or L-Analog L/R + R2
  • Dash: W/S + Hold Shift or L-Analog L/R + Hold R2
  • Evade Backwards: Shift or R2
  • Melee Attack: M1 or Square
  • Charged Attack: Hold M1 or Hold Square
  • Parry: Ctrl or L2

More basic attack combos are available at this point of the game which will be further discussed in a later section.

Move through the battlefield and fight against the soldiers in the way. You will eventually meet up with some of your allies, Orod and Menolias, who help you clear the enemies.

Soon after, you will meet up with Vahram, the leader of the Immortals, who hands you a Potion. To use a potion, press Q or the D-Pad Up. You can only carry one vial of potion for now and this can be expanded upon as you progress through the game.

You will then face up with your first boss fight: Uvishka, the Kushan General.

How to defeat Uvishka, the Kushan General

How to defeat Uvishka, the Kushan General - Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Walkthrough

Uvishka goes into battle riding his horse and and attacking with his spear. His attacks are composed of charges and spear swings, most of which are telegraphed clearly and therefore are easy to evade. You can simply slide under his horse and get behind him to deal some back attacks.

Watch out for Uvishka’s charged attack where he goes on the edge of the battlefield to prepare for a charge. You will notice a yellow glint as this attack commences. This attack can be parried leading to a special counter attack.

Once the Uvishka’s health is at 50%, he will be thrown off his horse and still continue to fight. Still be on the lookout for his charged attacks and parry them whenever possible to deal a great amount of damage. Most of his attacks can still be easily slipped through with a well-timed slide.

After Uvishka has been defeated, the Kushan army will be repelled and the Immortals are called upon to the Queen’s palace to personally thank Sargon for defeating the general.

Sargon is then rewarded with the Royal Sash by Prince Ghassan. As you regain control of Sargon, head out of the palace and go to the left side where you can talk to Anahita. Then, continue to the left where you end up in a room.

To traverse this room, do a double jump on the left wall and go towards the pole to grab it. Swing from this pole to the next by aiming the arrow to the direction you want to go before pressing the jump button. Climb the wall using the rungs to get to the upper level.

You will then meet up with the rest of the Immortals who are waiting for the celebratory feast. Talk to Neith to progress and Vahram will arrive to call on them.

Just then, Radjen arrives to report that Prince Ghassan has been kidnapped. The Immortals then split up to rescue the prince.

Make your way back to the palace and you will encounter Anahita’s soldiers. During the fight, you will learn about the Athra Surge, a special attack that can deal massive damage to targets. Your Athra meter can be filled up by attack or parrying, and once it is full, an Athra Surge can be performed by pressing Parry + Melee at the same time.

The first Athra Surge ability that you have is the Verethragna’s Smite and you will learn more abilities as you progress through the game.

After defeating all of the soldiers, Sargon will catch up to Anahita, but she performs a summoning ability before escaping. The summoning circle calls upon a powerful Sword Master that you will then have to defeat.

How to defeat the Sword Master

How to defeat the Sword Master - Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Walkthrough

The Sword Master is a defensive enemy that can deal dashing attacks. It can also parry attacks and break combos using its shield. During this fight, you will also learn about unstoppable attacks that most elite enemies will have moving forward.

Unstoppable attacks are telegraphed by a red glint from the eye of the enemy. This means that the attack cannot be parried and it can only be dodged with a well-timed slide. Look out for these attacks and try not to get hit as they can deal fatal damage.

After the fight, the Immortals are summoned back to the palace where the Queen orders them to retrieve the Prince at any cost. The Immortals then head to Mount Qaf where they suspect Anahita took the Prince to.

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