PS Plus March 2023 Essential Lineup Revealed

The newest lineup revealed!

At Sony Interactive Entertainment’s latest State of Play 2023, the new PS Plus March 2023 Essential lineup got revealed.

According to the (very) quick reveal on the State of Play event, there will be three titles joining the lineup. These games will be available starting on March 7 until April 3, 2023. Players who have the PS Plus subscription with at least the Essential tier can download these games for free.

Here are the titles joining the lineup:

  1. Battlefield 2042 – PS4, PS5
  2. Minecraft Dungeons – PS4
  3. Code Vein – PS4
ps plus march 2023

Battlefield 2042 finally arrives on PS Plus, which would be a great way to give a boost to its player count. It will also get a new update that will improve the title for the better. Minecraft Dungeons is quite a good game to play, but Code Vein has gone silent after its launch. This would be a good way to boost its popularity again.

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