PS Plus Online Multiplayer Free Weekend Announced

Online Tournaments are also free this weekend!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently announced that there will be a PS Plus Online multiplayer free weekend soon. Players will be able to access online multiplayer modes on PS4 and PS5 consoles without being members of PS Plus.

The free online multiplayer weekend is part of the PlayStation Plus Festival of Play event that SIE started today. According to the newest PlayStation Blog post, there will be no need for PS Plus membership to access online multiplayer this coming weekend. It will start on February 18 and end on February 19, 2023, for only two days.

Aside from free online multiplayer, PlayStation Stars members can earn a special digital collectible that will commemorate the online multiplayer weekend for participating in the event. They are also encouraged to check out the PlayStation Stars: Free Online Multiplayer is Live campaign.

The event also holds PlayStation Tournaments which will be held on the weekend. Several tournaments will be happening during that time and will feature FIFA 23, NBA 2K23, and Guilty Gear. Participants do not need PS Plus membership to enter.