PS5 DualSense Controller Rumored to Get Wireless Charging Adapter

DualSense Controller

A recent Sony patent revealed that the upcoming PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will get a wireless charging adapter in the future.

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The new patent was recently revealed on a Twitter post, which suggests that the back buttons may be a part of a wireless charging adapter. This adapter will be fitted to the controller and can charge it wirelessly by placing it on a charging pad.

This could be helpful for long gameplay and only one DualSense controller is available to use. Since wireless charging has become possible with mobile phones recently. The back buttons could also be used for other functions that can be customized like any other third-party controllers and adapters. It was also confirmed recently during the Geoff Keighley’s hands-on the controller that it does not have back buttons.

Some find this rumored adapter useful, but others are worried that it could spike the prices of the DualSense controller. Again, this has not been officially confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment so take this new information with a grain of salt.

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