Psychological RPG Sacred Fire Prepares for Early Access

Will you wage war as an outcast or strive for peace as a hero?

At the Escapist Indie Showcase 2021, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Poetic Studio have announced that their anticipated psychological RPG, Sacred Fire, will enter Early Access on Steam on October 19th.

Watch the Early Access Release Date Trailer

Featuring the voice of Geralt of Rivia himself, Doug Cockle, Sacred Fire casts the player as a refugee hunted by Rome, your actions compromised by fear and rage. Build up your willpower to control story choices and master battle tactics. Outsmart opponents and gain allies. Will you wage war as an outcast or strive for peace as a hero?

The free demo available now on Steam features the first chapter of the story, which plays differently when you select a male or female protagonist. Writer Jenni Kong contributed to Sacred Fire’s story to create nuanced but meaningful differences between the two perspectives. The demo features Doug Cockle, Michelle Gonzo, and Ben Britton as important story NPCs.

The first 3 acts will be available on Early Access launch, with the other 2 being added as major free updates. Poetic aims to involve the community in the development of the game, fleshing out the story while incorporating feedback. Early Access will be in English only, and localization will begin once the story is finalized.

Sacred Fire Features

  • Create: Create the body and mind of your own hero. Will you be brave, vengeful, or gifted but traumatized? Customize your appearance and traits that will determine your playstyle.
  • Role-play: Enjoy the freedom of choice and interpretation to tell your own story. Track your progress through a nuanced story with no filler events, full of opportunities to use your wits to triumph.
  • Fight: Use psychological tactics in battles. Overcome fear, pain, and anger to perform at your peak. Show skill lethal determination or total control to unnerve your opponent.
  • Strategize: Resort to diplomacy in relationships to rise as a leader, gain allies and resolve conflicts peacefully. Compete with other story characters for respect, renown, wealth, and followers.
  • Develop: Expand your mind and overcome beliefs holding you back. Unlock motives, weakness, and secrets of others. Will you use them to build or to destroy?
  • Explore: Each of the three acts comes with real story branching. Playing as a male or female offers fresh surprises. Can you reach all 5 distinct endings and gain all 8 major achievements?

Source: Press Release