Psychonauts 2: Astronaut Ice Cream Location

Here's how to find and unlock the Astronaut Ice Cream location easily.

Psychonauts 2 has one particular annoying and long sidequest that completionists might have a tough one to complete. The one who tasks Razputin for this chore is also no slouch, the Junior Psychonaut Norma, who is asking to do a long scavenger hunt, and part of it rewards him with a “cold” prize. This particular Psychonauts 2 guide helps players in discovering the Astronaut Ice Cream.

Where to find Psychonauts 2 Astronaut Ice Cream?

Psychonaut 2 players will need to have a presence of mind in order to complete this particular task to get the Astronaut Ice Cream collectible. This is just part of the Norma sidequest, but it does reward players with this cold treat afterwards.

To start, players will need to find the screen minigame that appears in the Nerve Center. They will see certain monitors across the room that will have a green light. Raz needs to run around in this big room to interact with these active green-lighted monitors. It is easy to differentiate between the active ones compared to the inactive screens since they are not lit up. After completely interacting with all green-lit monitors, Raz will accept the gorgeous Astronaut Ice Cream as a reward for his tiresome efforts.

Players will need to be observant of their surroundings if they are doing a blind playthrough without these guides or else they would not get the monitor minigame. It is quite unnoticeable as it looks like a normal day in the Nerve Center. If one monitor gets activated though, the rest are now easy to find.

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