Psychonauts 2: Unlocking Return to Where It All Started Achievement

Here's how to unlock this mysterious achievement.

Psychonauts 2 has tons of achievements to unlock, 57 of them exactly, but there is a mysterious achievement that has its description viewable, which is Making Peace. The description just says “Return to where it all started” but where do you have to return? In this Psychonauts 2 guide, we will guide you to where to unlock this particular achievement and finally complete all of them in one go. We have to warn you ahead because this is spoiler territory.

Getting to Unlock the Psychonauts 2 Return to Where It All Started Achievement

This is actually a very easy Psychonauts 2 achievement to unlock, if only you understand what the description meant. “Return to where it all started” is what the description says, but this will all be understood once you have already completed the whole story. After finishing the game, Raz needs to go back to Nona’s hut in the Green Needle Gulch to find Ford Cruller with Maligula aka Nona to unlock the achievement.

What the description meant was the relationship between Ford and Maligula in the aftermath. They have now mended it back together and finally healing.

Some completionists might not be able to get what this achievement description really meant right away, but it would be easier once they finally completed the game. It will all make sense and they would easily unlock this achievement.

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