Psyonix Is Not In A Hurry For Rocket League 2

Rocket League has been met with massive praise from the gaming community and critics as a whole. It lived up to what it offered — an enjoyable futuristic soccer game that involves toy cars. Psyonix’s successful game didn’t age one bit, with new contents spurring out from left to right, we will definitely see Rocket League to live for a couple more years before a sequel might follow.

Jeremy Dunham, the Vice President of Publishing over at Psyonix, told

“We do have a team internally that is dedicated to coming up with new game ideas. We have several game ideas that live and die in a few weeks, and others that last even longer and we are exploring. For us, what is great, is that we are in no hurry. We don’t have to get something out just for the case of our financial security. That’s been the biggest benefit of Rocket League. It has given us the creative freedom to take our time and come up with something else.”

As successful as Rocket League means certain publishers and developers will push for a sequel to gain more revenue and hype. While people at Psyonix wants to take their “time” and “explore” as they want to come up with an idea that would definitely be groundbreaking like Rocket League.

With its success, we can certainly tell that Rocket League will live longer for a few more years. The game is also slated for launch this year on Nintendo Switch.

Do you want Rocket League 2 soon? Or do you want Psyonix to take their time to craft their idea for a new IP or sequel?