Rocket League Rule 1 Explained

Learn everything about the Unwritten Rule


Rocket League is one of the wackiest games to be played on all consoles. There are certain rules to be followed by many but the most important is Rule 1. This rule is an unwritten rule that all players, rookies, and professionals should follow and in this guide, players will learn more about it, so read on.

What is Rule 1 in Rocket League?

The unwritten Rule 1 of Rocket League is that you should never break a headlock with another player. Once players are locked, all they have to do to implement Rule 1 is to keep driving forward.

There may not be a formal ruling on the matter, but the community generally follows to this unwritten rule, with some teams even scoring their own goals if a teammate breaks a lock.

How the Rule 1 Came to Be

Originally, Rule 1 is not to let the ball strike the ground when the clock strikes 0:00. But for some circumstances, that rule was changed. Over the past couple of months since its release, Rule 1 brought out many types of instances such as Back-to-Back Locking, Front-to-Back Locking, Side-by-Side Locking, and Group Locking.

What Happens When Rule 1 is Broken?

Generally speaking, you should try not to break Rule 1. It’s a red flag when teammates throw the game on purpose, or when the other side gets an easy goal because of your rude behavior. There are, surprisingly, players that are able to effortlessly break this rule.

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