PUBG Free to Play This Weekend on Steam; Discounted 50% off If Purchased

PUBG free weekend

PUBG Corp. just announced that popular battle royale PUBG is now free to play this weekend on Steam with a discount promo.

Anyone who wants to try out the battle royale game will get their chance this weekend on Steam starting today until June 8 at 10 AM PT. Make no mistake: this free weekend promo will include access to all maps and modes.

Free players will not have access to in-game store, which is common sense since it is only a free trial. They can group with other existing owners or other free-to-lay players. If they get interested in buying a copy, then they can get it with a sweet discount of 50 percent off on the same period it will be free to play. The price will now become $15.

Any progress the players gain in their free trial period will be carried over to the full version if they buy it.

Check out the trailer here:

Source: Official Website