Quantum Break Temporarily Leaving Xbox Game Pass Due to Some Licenses

It's not what you think.

The Xbox Game Pass April 2023 lineup was recently announced and in tandem with that is the reveal of the games leaving the library, which had a surprise: Quantum Break. Many were surprised that it was listed, but there is actually a reason for this.

The titles that are leaving the Xbox Game Pass library aside from Quantum Break are The Long Dark, Life is Strange: True Colors, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction. It was a shocker that Microsoft added Quantum Break as it is an Xbox console exclusive and it has been there for years. Microsoft also published this game, so it did not make sense.

Fans asked Aaron Greenberg on Twitter about this as they fear other Xbox-published games might get the same treatment too. The Xbox executive quickly replied that Quantum Break will be back on Xbox Game Pass, Remedy Entertainment need to renew some licenses that got expired. They had to remove it temporarily in the meantime.

So, Xbox Fans, no worries. Quantum Break will be back, just sit tight.