Rainbow Six Siege Will Ban You For Hate Speech

Bad sportsmanship isn’t anything new.

It’s everywhere from any actual sport from basketball to tennis. Gaming isn’t all too strange to the immaturity regarding the behavior of certain players in competitive multiplayer.

Recently though, it seems that Ubisoft has taken a more stern hand in dealing with such behavior in regards to Rainbow Six Siege. In a Reddit post, they go on to mention that any kind of hate speech will not be tolerated.

Chat Toxicity Update from Rainbow6

Questions can be raised to Ubisoft’s good intentions as to what exactly counts as “hate speech.” From the message, you can see that racism, sexism, and pretty much any kind of toxic behavior in the game’s chat is absolutely not allowed. However, this can easily be abused by many as a way to report and ban anyone they don’t particularly like by claiming any kind of toxicity, regardless of how guilty it really was.

Keep in mind that you can get banned for days, weeks, if not permanently from the servers.

This can all depend on Ubisoft if they have the proper people in charge to enforce this rule thoroughly. They may just have the power to ban anyone they see fit claiming gross misconduct of their rules.


As of now, we are still waiting for more information regarding the subject from Ubisoft. All that can be hoped for is that players of Rainbow Six Siege will at least have the chance to defend themselves before they are banned.

Perhaps this move from the company is more of a deterrence against abusive gameplay. But without proper enforcement, it won’t take long for people to generally just ignore the rules and go do whatever they want as they see fit. In order for this policy to properly work, there has to be actual action against this type of misconduct.

In any case, this kind of enforcement isn’t going to be a walk in the park for Ubisoft. Ban the wrong people one too many times and they may see a significant player drop from the game. Then again, if they play their cards right more players might just run over to get Rainbow Six Siege as they will see a more player friendly environment.

Source: Reddit