Recipe for Disaster Getting Ready to Open its Doors with 1.0 Release Date Announcement

The entrée has been served. Onto the main course.

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Publisher Kasedo Games and developer Dapper Penguin Studios are thrilled to announce today that their restaurant management sim, Recipe for Disaster, has received a release date of August 5, 2022, after a successful Early Access campaign. The game will be priced at $16.99, €16.99, £14.99.

You can watch the Early Access release trailer here to get a better idea of the game.

About Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster is a fun, yet challenging take on the restaurant tycoon genre and shows off the hectic and stress-inducing world of the food-service industry in all its glory. Players will need to experiment with different ingredients and customise food menus in an attempt to satisfy the peculiar tastes of the customers, and their volatile attitudes, always walking the precarious line between gastronomic glory and restaurant ruin.

Players will also be able to construct the restaurant of their dreams from the ground up and get creative with the in-game recipe editor, using their culinary prowess (or not) to recreate classic dishes or go wild and create something truly ‘inspiring’.

But in true Kitchen Nightmares fashion, running a restaurant isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Players will need to contend with staff personalities, stock issues, cleanliness, fires, rat infestations, overflowing toilets, VIP guests, and not to mention the need to keep health inspectors off your back or face a huge fine!

Assemble Your Dream Team

Pick from a pool of procedurally generared hopefuls. Consider each individual’s unique combination of traits and skill levels, and how these might affect their work efficiencies, behavior and customer interactions.

Will they excel? Or will they prove to be more trouble than they are worth?

Manage your team’s mood and stamina levels to minimize the risk of breakdowns and mid-service and mid-service walkouts. Some staff will love the tasks that you give them, while others will loathe them!

Restaurant Building

Customize the design and layout of your restaurants using intuitive building tools. Equip your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, decorate your dining area, landscape your surroundings, and build storage to hold those precious ingredients.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Manually assign tasks to your team or keep everyone busy using a highly customisable priority system. Keep a close eye on incoming customer orders and adjust your strategy in real-time to ensure the highest standard of food and customer service.

The Customer is Always Right

Pay close attention to the demands of your customers and adjust your menu to match their tastes. Be wary of dietary requirements, food allergies and unusual preferences. Decide how best to deal with the requests and complaints of your staff and customers. Will you be sympathetic or combative? Pushovers and tyrants will soon find themselves out of business, so you’ll have to read each situation carefully.

A Matter of Taste

Use the powerful recipe editor to freely create original recipes and add them to your menus. Ensure you have the necessary ingredients by keeping on top of your storage levels and placing regular orders with your suppliers.

Recipe for Disaster features a challenging campaign mode with the task of reviving a variety of failing restaurants, and a freeplay mode with customisable objectives.

Recipe for Disaster will fully release on PC (via Steam) on August 5, 2022, priced at $16.99, €16.99, £14.99.

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