Redfall Jacob Build Guide: Best Skills, Loadout, Blood Remnants, and Vampire God Remnant

A high damage sniper build that takes out most enemies in one hit.

A good Redfall Jacob build will have you utilizing all his skills to make quick work of targets at any distance. Thanks to his abilities to function as a scout, you can make full use of his high damage potential to put down the strongest foes quickly. To do this, you need to learn to invest in the right skills and equip the best loadout, Blood Remnants, and Vampire God Remnants. Read on, and this guide will show you the best Jacob build in Redfall.

Best Redfall Jacob Build

Here is the best possible build for Jacob in Redfall:

Best Skills

  • Pervasive Memory (Raven)
  • Bird’s Eye (Raven)
  • Killer Corvus (Raven)
  • Early Bird (Raven)
  • Marked For Death (Raven)
  • Battery Efficiency (Cloak)
  • Vicious Strike (Cloak)
  • Hidden Strike (Cloak)
  • Battery Recharge (Cloak)
  • Long Gunner I
  • Long Gunner II
  • Sharpshooter
  • Deeper Pockets

Best Loadout

  • Sniper Rifles
  • Stake Launchers
  • Assault Rifles

Best Blood Remnants/Vampire God Remnant

  • Miss Whisper’s Key
  • Emergency Flash Bang
Skills Redfall Jacob Build

Jacob excels at dealing high single-target damage, making him very useful against bosses. His ability kit caters more towards stealth, scouting, and fighting from a long distance than direct confrontation. The downside is that he doesn’t have the movement ability or crowd control that the other Redfall heroes have.

Jacob Build Best Skills

The most iconic ability you’re going to be using a lot is Jacob’s Raven skill. It can be upgraded to become more useful, but it is primarily used as a scouting tool to see enemies in an area that you may have missed. With the Killer Corvus upgrade, it can even stake vampires for you so you can focus on other enemies.

You’ll find a lot of utility with the Raven skill, so upgrade it as much as you can. If you’re interested in investing in other skills, then just upgrade them until you get Pervasive Memory, Killer Corvus, Bird’s Eye, and Early Bird. These are the best upgrades you’ll get the most utility out of.

Marked for Death is probably the most important skill to invest in. This will increase the damage to the targets you’ve marked. Get as many targets as you can marked and start picking them off like flies.

Jacob’s Cloak is useful for positioning and getting out of combat. When low on health, you can activate it to heal. You can increase the duration of this skill with Battery Efficiency, which helps when sneaking through areas. Get the Vicious Strike to increase the damage you deal while cloaked, and then upgrade to the Hidden Strike so that you don’t exit the cloak upon attacking. If you have any extra skill points, then we recommend getting Perfect Ghost, which requires a full investment in this skill tree.

For miscellaneous skills, get Sharpshooter, which increases headshot damage against human cultists. The Long Gunner skills increase your carried Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle ammo, which benefits your loadout greatly. Get Deeper Pockets to be able to store more lockpicks and rewire kits.

Jacob Build Best Weapons - Redfall

Jacob Build Best Weapons

When it comes to picking Jason’s weapon loadout, it’s best to stick to long-ranged weapons like the sniper. It’s good practice to always use a weapon with a silencer, such as the Yokai sniper rifle, but from our experience, enemies are generally unresponsive to sound. Pair your sniper with a Butcherbird Stake Launcher so you can take down elite vampires from a distance without needing to get close, unless you prefer just using the Killer Corvus to stake targets for you.

Pick weapons that have increased headshot damage. Even pistols that have this perk are valuable. As a marksman, you’ll be encouraged to pull off high-damaging headshots from a distance. When enemies do get close, you can’t go wrong with an automatic assault rifle such as the Strega.

Jacob Build Best Blood Remnants - Vampire God Remnants - Redfall

Jacob Build Best Blood Remnants/Vampire God Remnants

Miss Whisper’s Key is a Vampire God Remnant and will benefit this Jacob’s build the most by far. Killing targets who aren’t aware of you will grant you 15% more damage, which stacks up to 3 times for 10 seconds. You can quickly clear out enemy patrols with this. Use your Cloak skill whenever you get spotted to get right back to farming more damage buffs.

The Blood Remnant isn’t really as important, though the Emergency Flash Bang is a pretty good pick in case of emergencies. When low on health, UV light can stun nearby enemies every thirty seconds, giving you the chance to get up and go. Otherwise, you can pick whichever Blood Remnant you feel works great for this build.

That’s the Redfall Jacob build for the best skills, loadout, and Blood Remnants for this character. For other build guides, check out more of our Redfall articles here.