Redfall Characters: All four Heroes and Abilities

Get to know the Redfall characters and their unique abilities in this guide. Choose which hero is best for you and dominate the game.

Redfall characters and abilities featured

Among the four playable Redfall characters, picking just one can be challenging. They’re all so unique, with quirky personalities and even more bizarre abilities that make them interesting. While it depends on personal preference, it’s always a good idea to know their abilities before choosing which hero you want to play as.

Each of the four heroes has upgradable skills, which encourages you to focus on investing time in each one. You can use multiple skills at the same time, so there’s nothing preventing you from finding your tactics at your leisure. Although do note that the Redfall characters have cooldowns for two of the three main abilities. Their last one, their ultimate, has to be charged by collecting Psychic Residue.

Read on, and this guide will show you all four Redfall characters, their abilities, and which of them is best suited for you.

All Redfall Characters and Abilities

Here are all four Redfall characters to pick from:

  • Jacob (The Deadeye)
  • Devinder (The Cryptid Hunter)
  • Layla (The Telekinetic Threat)
  • Remi (The Ingenious Ingeniera)
Jacob Boyer (The Deadeye) - Redfall Characters

Jacob (The Deadeye)

Jacob Boyer, an ex military marksman turned mercenary before his entire team was killed. Events that happened in Redfall have given him a mysterious magical eye and a psychic raven companion. A lot of his skills revolve on him being able to scout out enemies and vantage points and fight at a distance.

Jacob – Redfall Character Abilities:

  • Cloak – This ability renders Jacob invisible to enemies for a period of time. It can be used to get to advantage points safely without drawing attention until its time. Shooting will not break the cloak itself but it will dispel after multiple shots.
  • Raven – This ability uses the psychic bird companion of Jacob to scout out and tag enemies for him. It can be used to get a better idea of how many enemies you’re dealing with and where they’re positioned.
  • Heartstopper – This is Jacob’s ultimate ability. It will summon a psychic sniper rifle that can immediately lock on to targets and deal fatal damage.
Devinder (The Cryptid Hunter) - Redfall Characters

Devinder (The Cryptid Hunter)

Devinder Crousley, an eccentric inventor of the strange and a cryptozoologist who desires to prove himself to the masses. Fitting that his playstyle revolves around him being good at crowd control and AoE damage. A lot of his abilities revolve on his bizarre inventions.

Devinder – Redfall Character Abilities:

  • Arc Javelin – This ability will have Devinder throwing a javelin that attaches to a surface. It moves in an arc so he can aim it to go above obstacles. The javelin emits chain lightning which damages multiple enemies in range once it’s charged up.
  • Translocate – This ability has Devinder throwing once of his inventions in an arc. You are then transported to the location the device lands on. It’s great for repositioning, escaping tough crowds, and getting to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Blacklight – This is Devinder’s ultimate ability. A UV emitter is mounted on the ground right in front of him which petrifies enemies that are in the way. Any enemy caught gets stunned for a short period of time where they’re at your mercy.
Layla (The Telekinetic Threat) - Redfall Characters

Layla (The Telekinetic Threat)

A biomedical engineering student who had a near death experience after a night out with her ex-boyfriend. The medical experiment she volunteered for gave her telekinetic abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with. Definitely an in-your-face styled bruiser in combat.

Layla – Redfall Character Abilities:

  • Lift – This ability summons an elevator made out of telekinesis which acts as a jump pad. Use this to quickly jump in and out of combat or to get to higher ground quickly.
  • Umbrella – This ability summons a telekinetic umbrella in front of Layla that shields her team against incoming projectiles. The umbrella itself can be launched forward, damaging enemies that are in the way. A great ability for making a push when odds are against you.
  • Vampire Ex-Boyfriend – This is Layla’s ultimate ability. She summons her vampiric ex-boyfriend to help assist her in combat when the going gets rough.
Remi (The Ingenious Ingeniera) - Redfall Characters

Remi (The Ingenious Ingeniera)

A navy combat engineer who spent most of her life in the frontlines and is now determined to assist the survivors of Redfall in any way that she can. Her skills and abilities reflect this which makes her a great support Redfall character to keep her team alive.

Remi – Redfall Character Abilities:

  • C4 Charge – This ability has Remi throw a C4 charge in an arc that can stick to surfaces. It will explode damaging enemies caught in its radius. A great tool for clearing out the horde.
  • Siren – This ability has Remi utilize her robot companion, Bribón, to attract enemy attention. By pointing to an area for Bribón to go to, it will then create loud noises which attracts enemies to its location allowing you to setup some nasty surprises.
  • Mobilize – This is Remi’s ultimate ability. She establishes a control point around a perimeter. Her team can be healed or revived when inside its radius.

Which Redfall Character is Best For You?

It’s all up to your tastes but if you’re playing for the first time, we recommend playing as Jacob. Not only is he voiced by Yuri Lowenthal but his skills and abilities make him suited for new players who are looking to have some fun in Redfall. The ability to scan out your targets, turn invisible, and fight at a distance make him a great hero to main and master.

If you’re more interested in being a bruiser, then we recommend going with Layla as her ability kit makes her easily the best Redfall character for confrontations. She can move in and out of combat and reposition herself as she sees fit. It doesn’t hurt that Layla can tank damage more easily thanks to her umbrella.

Which Redfall Character is Best For You?

Whoever you want to main, you’ll definitely want to invest some time with them. As you can augment their abilities by investing in their skill tree. You can even collect Grave Locks which reduces the charge for their Ultimate allowing you to use it more.

That’s all the Redfall characters and their abilities. We hope this guide helped you decide which hero you want to main.

Redfall is available now on Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Xbox Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Games).