Redfall Co-Op Campaign Progression Explained

How does Redfall coop work? Here's everything you need to know.

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There are a lot of things you should be aware about the Redfall Co-Op Campaign Progression before playing with your friends. Some things may not be carried over, and if you’re scared of having to restart your progress, then you should know what progresses for you if you co-op with friends. Here’s a guide that explains the Co-Op Campaign Progression in Redfall.

How does the Redfall Co-Op Campaign Progression Work?

The Co-Op Campaign Progression in Redfall allows you to carry over any weapons, loot, levels you’ve gained, and currency between solo and coop. What doesn’t carry over is story and mission progression, which are only saved on the host’s game.

What this means is that story progression, including side missions, will not be carried over to your solo game once you exit the host’s world. Everything else, such as any weapons you get, experience you gain, and currency you’ve accumulated, will stay with you. So it’s not like you don’t get anything from playing coop with friends.

You can host for your friends if you need help with the story and mission progression. Although if you all want to progress at the same time, it most likely means that you’ll be replaying the same missions multiple times. Though you’ll be stronger each time so things aren’t likely to get too stale.

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The fact that story progression is tied only to the host can make playing at parties detrimental. Though that shouldn’t stop you from playing with friends, the benefits of cross progression mean you’ll be able to help each other out against tougher vampires. Being able to explore together to get better weapons will make it easier to find better gear when you have each other’s backs.

That’s the Redfall Co-Op Campaign Progression explained. We hope this article provided you with critical details when playing with your friends.

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