Redfall: How to Level Up Fast (Farm XP)

How to farm XP in Redfall?

Saving the town of Redfall means needing to level up fast. A lot of your skills are tied to the skill points you earn from leveling up, which grant you access to more powerful abilities to usurp the vampire gods that have taken over. In this guide, we’ll teach you the fastest way to level up in Redfall, so you won’t feel so weak.

Best way to Level Up Fast in Redfall

The fastest way to level up in Redfall is to complete the main missions, as they grant the most experience. Side quests and other miscellaneous activities do help, but they don’t grant as much XP when you’re farming.

From our experience, we quickly leveled up just by following the main questline. Exploration and side quests did help us get better weapons, which still helps, but if you’re looking to get skill points, then the main missions are where you need to go. The chunks of experience they give are much better than any other activity.

Main missions can be acquired from the second floor of the fire station safehouse. Go to the briefing room and interact with the big table in the center, which will give you options for which mission you want to activate. You’ll get a brief cutscene before you can make your way to the mission location.

Take main story missions to Level Up Fast in Redfall

Farm XP by Repeating Main Missions

You could potentially farm XP by repeating the main missions. Although this can’t be done if you’re playing alone because Redfall will not let you repeat main missions once you’re done with them, You could only do this if you have friends to play Redfall with.

There is a way to repeat the main missions, but you have to coop with friends in Redfall. Since coop progress is only saved on the host’s game, everyone else will have to repeat the main mission again for the second time in their own world. If you have a friend to play with, this could be the best way to farm XP.

If your friend doesn’t own a copy of the game, then you can ask them to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, which has Redfall. This way, they can help you level up fast in the game without needing to purchase it at full price.

That’s how to level up fast in Redfall. We hope this guide helped you farm XP so you can unlock powerful skills quickly. Feel free to check out more of our Redfall articles here.