RELAYER Story Summary and Mecha Type Details


There has been an update regarding Kadokawa’s latest Mecha JRPG game, ” RELAYER”, which is set to be released on February 2022 for the PlayStation4 and PlayStation5 worldwide. In today’s recent news, RELAYER’s story summary has been revealed and not only that, a full in-depth look on the mechanics of the game has been shown as well.


2049 star calendar. Human beings encounter the mysterious extraterrestrial life form “Relayer”. The relayers, who are aiming to extinguish the universe by amplifying dark energy, have begun to invade the earth. A research institute called GT Labo (Gravity Technology Development Organization) was established to protect the earth. Discovered the mysterious humanoid weapon “Original One” in Antarctica and succeeded in putting supergravity technology to practical use. In order to counter the relayer, we are developing the robot “Stella Gear” and the supergravity navigation ship “Asterism” using supergravity. “Ability to manipulate gravity”, an indispensable to control Stella Gear, is a special ability manifested in mutants called “Star Child” whose special abilities have been awakened by the “will of the stars” such as the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. Has similar abilities.

The main character, the girl Terra, is a star child who has the will of the earth. In an accident called “Gravity Ross”, he loses his memory and his precious sister Luna, but resumes with Luna in an unexpected way. Luna, who has the will of the moon, is a star child who should be the hope of humankind, but for some reason, she acted with the relayer of the hostile forces to take revenge on humanity and rob the original one. The year 2051. The reunion of Terra and Luna in the lunar colony “Artemis” opens the story of the fate of Starchild and Relayer.


There are four types of Stella Gear that Star Child gets in: Assault, Tank, Snipe, and Scout. Assaults are attacks, tanks are defenses, and so on, each type has a different role. In addition, there are jobs for each type such as assault and tank, and they grow in the order of lower job → intermediate job → advanced job. There are two job growth routes for each type.

For example, in the case of assault, there is a route that goes to “Vanguard”, which is good at close quarters combat, and a route that goes to “Shinobi”, which is good at stealth attacks. It can be grown according to the player’s taste. Rank up to a higher job can be executed by releasing all the abilities of the lower job. After branching the route, if you release all the abilities of senior positions, you will be able to choose another route.

1.) Assault Type

Assault is a type specializing in close combat, and corresponds to characters such as the main characters Terra and Mintaka. In addition to the two-handed sword and one-handed sword, you can equip a machine gun, and the main role is to rampage on the front line while paying attention to the impact. The initial job is a fighter, and there are a route from Vanguard to Braver and a route from Shinobi to Ninja. 

Vanguard and Braver are jobs that emphasize more firepower. Although having skills and abilities specialized in fighting on the front line, his weakness is in defense, so support for tanks and recovery roles is indispensable. On the other hand, Shinobi and Ninja are good at stealth. You can fight while lowering hate (a number that expresses the ease of being targeted by the enemy) by making full use of defense and avoidance. It is also reliable that there are skills to increase quickness and mobility.

2.) Tank Type

The tank, wherein characters such as Sun, Jupiter, and Alnilam are classified as, is a type that boasts high defense power and abundant HP. Raises the hate value to attract the attention of the enemy and acts as a shield for the troops that protect allies. In addition to the shield, the weapon can be equipped with a one-handed sword and a machine gun.

The initial job is Knight, and you can change jobs to the Paladin → Guardian route or the Commander → Breaker route. Jobs on the former route are good at raising hate values ​​and protecting allies. In addition to the skills to strengthen yourself, you can also acquire recovery skills, so you have a high ability to succeed. Jobs on the latter route excel in support ability, and in addition to being able to use skills such as increasing defense power to allies and increasing their own hate value, they also have debuffs that lower the ability of enemies.

3.) Snipe Type

Snipe is an expert in long-range attacks. Although its defense power is low, it has a long range and plays the role of a middle guard who takes damage with a sniper. It can show its true value when equipped with a rifle, but it can also be equipped with weapons such as one-handed swords and machine guns.

Snipes can change jobs from the initial shooter to the Bucks → Marksman route or the Gunner → Ace shooter route. Bucks and marksmen are supportive snipers who turn the battlefield around with buffs and abnormal conditions. You can also acquire the skill to recover the HP of allies, so it will be easier to maintain the front line. The other gunner and ace shooter are better at attacking than supporting. Raise your own attack power and hit rate, and hit a powerful blow. One of its strengths is that it is easy to manage hate with skill.

4.) Scout Type

Scouts are rearguard types who provide support by making full use of buffs, debuffs, and recovery skills. Luna, Alnitak, and Halley are classified as scout types. Also, in this work, you can cut diagonal lines such as enemy snipes by hiding in obstacles. However, the bit that the Scout can equip is a special weapon that can ignore obstacles and attack enemies. Other weapons for scouts include one-handed swords and machine guns.

There are two routes that can be changed from the wizard of the initial job: Enchanter → Wiseman and Jammer → Trickster. Jobs on the former route are good at strengthening allies. You can buff a wide range of allies as well as a single ally. You can also recover HP and SP, so it is indispensable for maintaining the front line. On the other hand, the job of the latter route can aim to reduce the strength by debuffing the enemy and giving abnormal conditions. He is good at sabotage against enemies, and if used well, he can advance the battle to his advantage.

With the all the new info and summary of the game, I am very excited for the fact that this game is coming out. RELAYER as stated is set to be released on February 17, 2022. For more news about RELAYER, click here, here, here, here and here.