Remnant 2 Alepsis-Taura Guide

This guide talks about Alepsis-Taura and how to visit it in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Alepsis Taura cover

Alepsis-Taura is one of the locations that can be visited in Remnant 2. It is a supermassive black hole that is in the middle of the universe and is believed to be the center and origin of everything. This black hole can only be accessed by completing a particular storyline. Read ahead as we talk more about Alepsis-Taura and why players of Remnant 2 should visit it at least once in the game.

How to access Alepsis-Taura

How to access Alepsis-Taura - Remnant 2

Alepsis-Taura can only be accessed after completing the Travel to Alepsis-Taura storyline in N’Erud. You will have to complete the storyline and defeat the boss without using the Override Pin, otherwise you will be locked out from visiting Alepsis-Taura until your next run. Check out our N’Erud guide to learn more about how to complete the storyline.

This storyline can be done within your first ever run, however, due to how the storylines and order of the worlds are generated randomly in every run, it is recommended to go for it on successive runs after the first. This way, if ever you are just aiming to reach Alepsis-Taura as fast as possible, you can simply just re-roll the run in case your first world is not N’Erud or if the starting area is not Seeker’s Rest.

Once you have completed the storyline, you will then have to wait for 12 hours in real time before revisiting N’Erud. You will then see that everything else in N’Erud can no longer be visited, but the path to Alepsis-Taura will be unlocked.

There have been reports that the 12-hour wait can be skipped by completely logging off from the game and then adjusting the PC’s or console’s system time 12 hours forward.

What’s in Alepsis-Taura?

What's in Alepsis-Taura? - Remnant 2

There is almost nothing to be seen or done in Alepsis-Taura, giving the notion that The Custodian has finally driven the N’Erud into the black hole itself. There are only two things that you can find inside the black hole: a recording and the Void Heart.

The Void Heart is a relic that reduces incoming damage by 50% for 4s. When the buff ends, it heals 100% of missing Health over 0.75s. The relic is also one of the important items to acquire in order to unlock the Archon Archetype. Though its description does not refer to anything related to Andrew Ford, it may be referring to the singularity-like world which is The Backrooms.