Remnant 2: How to get Burden of the Follower

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Tracking down rings in Remnant 2 is tricky business. Not only are you subject to enemies that guard every location in the Overworld, but you are also at the mercy of RNG at almost every turn of the corner.

The Burden of the Follower is one of the more elusive items to hunt down in Remnant, at least from our experience. It’s not too hard to find but it will require your instance to have a specific tileset that can appear at different locations in a specific dungeon. We’re just thankful that a Blood Moon was not required.

Look for statues like this one.
Hole in the floor hidden behind pots. (Destroyed in combat.)

How to get the Burden of the Follower in Remnant 2?

The ring can be found inside the Endaira’s End dungeon. More specifically, inside a hidden chamber within the location. From what we know, there are two main versions of the Endaira’s End tileset. And the one with the hidden chamber is less likely to come up on your first visit. Basically, if you don’t see a statue like the one shown above, chances are you won’t find the hidden chamber. But it won’t hurt to check every nook and cranny.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for pots besides statues. There is a hole behind them that you can fall through. It’s not much of a fall really. It’s like going down from the second floor to the ground floor. It’s no biggie for your Traveler.

Note: The Endaira’s End dungeon can be found on either version of Yaesha. We found the right dungeon with the right tileset after half a dozen failed expeditions. The key is to keep to the right side of the first Overworld. If you don’t get Endaira’s End as the first optional dungeon, simply go back to Ward 13 and re-roll Adventure mode.

Note: Endaira’s End is crawling with Root sharpshooters. If you’re looking to explore the place, your best bet is to clear out the place room by room until no Root are left to disrupt your search. There are several more secrets to the dungeon that can only be found if you have the right tileset. A couple of them are hidden behind illusionary walls. And another that requires you to shoot crystal masks that some of the statues wear. We’ve seen some drastic changes to this dungeon in the course of our search.

The hidden chamber appears to be a research room for the study of the Temple ruins. There you might see books on how to puzzle the windchime puzzle. (Although this instance of the dungeon didn’t have the windchime puzzle.) Keep searching around until you see this broken bookcase. On the bottom shelf, you’ll find the Bunden of the Follower ring.

There are other secrets linked to this secret chamber. Look out for pressure plates that can potentially lead you to a Corrupted Special.

Burden of the Follower Details

The Burden of the Follower reduces Fire Rate by 15%. This is not good but on the flip side, the benefit far outweighs the takeaway. It increases Mod Power Generation by 50%. This can be a real game changer for Mod Power Generation builds. 50% is no insignificant number. With the right setup, you can have your Weapon Mod ready after killing 1 or 2 enemies.

If you have single-shot weapons like the bow, reduced Fire Rate doesn’t really matter to you. Reload Rate does. There are some single-fire weapons like the hunting pistol and some rifles. They will not be affected by the reduced Fire Rate.

And that about covers the Burden of the Follower. Hopefully, this simple guide has given you some insights into some of Remnant 2’s finer details.

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