Remnant 2 Goes Up Against CSGO on Steam’s Top-Selling Chart

It got that spot due to its good records on Steam.

Remnant 2 Featured Image 01

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 is now going up against CSGO on Steam’s well-known top-selling chart.

Remnant 2 Rises to the Challenge

It has been revealed that Remnant 2 is actually now a top contender on Steam’s best-selling games by revenue chart. It now stands equally against some of the popular titles on Steam like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When it launched, it took the top spot on the list by revenue in the United States. Later, CSGO took the top spot again on Valve’s platform.

Many fans have been looking forward to its launch and it seems its release recently boosted its sales as quickly as possible due to the demand.

About Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is set to launch today, which offers players an immersive post-apocalyptic world where humanity fights against new deadly creatures and bosses that are insanely strong littered across this world. Fans of the original game have called it as the “Dark Souls game but with guns” instead. Players can also go through their adventures solo or with up to two friends.

Some critics already claim that the game’s combat system has been improved quite a lot. Players can gain access to a wide variety of weapons, armor, and customizable character classes.

Remnant 2 launches today for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.