Remnant 2: How to Get Labyrinth Staff

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The Labyrinth is a mysterious place. And that mystery applies to pretty much all of the items that are found within. The Labyrinth is one such weapon. Hastily put together for purposes unknown, it now serves as part of a key that unlocks the final archetype in Remnant 2.

The Labyrinth Staff is a secret melee weapon that can be obtained by exploring the depths of the Labyrinth. While the weapon itself is nothing special, its passive ability has the potential of being a driver for mod-based builds.

How to get the Labyrinth Staff in Remnant 2?

Starting from the Fractured Ingress World Crystal, head left and then right in the direction of the shifting portal. Run past it and go towards the giant floating gyroscope. There is a stairway leading to seemingly nowhere to the left. Go up the stairs and look down, and you’ll see these broken blocks. Take a leap of fate and you should land on top of them as they form a bridge.

At the end of the bridge, wait until the disk first seen from the shifting portals appears. You’ll have a few seconds to get across before the disk breaks apart and you die. Be mindful of your speed as well. If you make a running jump, your character will roll, giving you even less time to make it across.

Follow the path ahead and through the tunnel. You should see a drop-down and the prize you’ve been looking for – the Labyrinth Staff.

Step a little closer and you’ll trigger a fight with the weapon’s Guardian. Bastion is a Corrupted Special that is stronger than the original and summons minions when the chips are down. Stay away from it as much as possible. Its stomp attack will throw your character off balance, and depending on the boss mutator, it can make quick work of you.

Its weak spot is the glowing cube on its left shoulder. Shoot it to deal Weakspot damage to the boss. A good tactic is to run around the hole in the center of the arena. If you keep it on the other side, you’ll be able to take it down, no matter the difficulty.

Killing the boss will reward you with the Vengeful Strike weapon Mutator.

Once the boss has been dealt with, go over to the staff to claim it as your own. Getting back to the main path is as easy as falling down. Drop down the hole in the middle of the arena and the portal there will take you back to the checkpoint crystal right before the shifting portal.

By itself, the Labyrinth does a respectable amount of damage on top of its being good at staggering foes. Its main selling point, however, is its passive which allows it to generate 10% additional Mod Power for your weapons. When used with other items that bump up that number, and you’re looking at a weapon that can generate crazy amounts of mod energy with a few swings on enemies.

On a final note, the Labyrinth Staff is a key component to acquiring the Archon archetype.

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