Remnant 2: How to Get Rupture Cannon

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N’Erud holds some of the best secrets in Remnant 2. Most of these secrets require you to go from one end of the map to the other. So, when a secret weapon only requires you to stand still, we welcome that secret with open arms.

The Rupture Cannon is a powerful sidearm that has a similar feel to one of the weapons found in the Mass Effect franchise. (In my opinion.) Though there’s no denying that this little pocket cannon can deal some serious single-focused damage with the right supporting items.

How to get Rupture Cannon in Remnant 2?

The shotgun pistol itself is currently found in one location in N’Erud, the Vault of the Formless. We got our instance saved from when we played the main campaign starting in the Forgotten Prison. It is possible for this instance to occur also in the Seeker’s Rest storyline.

To get the item necessary to get to the Rupture Cannon, you’ll first have to go past the second checkpoint crystal that leads to a cavernous chamber.

Go through the heart of the facility, through the middle of the first tower, and deeper still until you get to the second tower. Stay inside the second tower and wait for it to rotate.

As pictured above, the tower will rotate 45 degrees, exposing a secret passage into another part of the facility that was previously inaccessible. As far as we can tell, there weren’t many enemies standing in our way in this deserted corner of the facility. But that can vary between instances and players alike.

Keep going down the corridor and at the end, you’ll see a machine has the House Lythia Glyph. Pick it up and make your way back to the main floor of the facility. The next door/drop-down will take you back to the catwalks beside the towers.

Continue walking around like normal and you’ll find yourself back in the main path that’ll take you to the end of the dungeon as was intended. Take the elevators at the back of the level and you’ll see this door that requires a Glyph.

Select the House Lythia Glyph and you’ll gain access to the chamber with all the discarded cryopods. Don’t worry about monsters or anything like that. It’s only a winding chamber all the way to the back.

At the end of the chamber, the Rupture Cannon is found inside the pod closest to the viewing window. Pick it up to add to your ever-growing list of weapons of mass destruction.

How Good is the Rupture Cannon?

The game describes the Rupture Cannon as a mid-range Pistol Shotgun with a brisk fire rate, medium recoil, and slow reload. It is everything the game describes, especially the slow reload part. We’ve had moments where enemies nearly overwhelmed us and we just sat there waiting for this beast of a pistol to reload. Thankfully, it packs a punch.

(This sidearm is my personal favorite in the game. It is the closest thing to the Carnifex pistol from the Mass Effect franchise in terms of stopping power if you narrow the shotgun blast radius. It also helps that both games are set in the third person.)

If you’re going to run this weapon, we suggest running Mutators and support items that increase reload speed and, at the same time, reduce weapon spread. Damage won’t be much of an issue, this thing melts enemies as is. For a weapon mod, we suggest something that can make it easier for you to line up shots, like the Song of Eafir weapon mod that slows enemies down in a wide radius.

And that’s all we’ve got for this deadly sidearm. If you like how it handles, feel free to fully level it up to +20.

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