Remnant 2: Every Status Effect You Should Know About

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Status Effects are common in almost all Action RPGs. The biggest difference between Remnant 2 and other games is that Remnant 2 is intentionally vague about what status effects actually do to the player. The effects themselves are straightforward enough. But if you’re new to the game, this information might be useful to you. The same applies if you’re a Remnant: From the Ashes veteran. Some things have changed since then and this article will help explain all the changes.

Every world in Remnant 2 has a dominant Status Effect, and it can get confusing at times when you just don’t know what’s killing you. Believe it or not, there isn’t an in-game repository of game mechanics. This may have been intentional on the part of the developers. There are far too many status effects (good and ill) to keep track of. It’s one of those things that you need to experience before you can counter them.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare yourself beforehand.

Status Effects in Remnant 2

BURN: The result of FIRE damage, BURN inflicts heavy amounts of damage over time. A BURNING target will ignite flammable objects around it, often causing an EXPLOSION to occur. Can stack up to 3 times. Dodge-rolling mitigates the damage to a degree.

TARRED: Targets that suffer the TARRED status effect will EXPLODE and instantly gain stacks of BURNING after being shot at or lit on fire.

Associated Item: Black Tar

Cure: Mud Rub

SHOCK: When a target takes enough SHOCK damage, it will become OVERLOADED. Once the bar is filled, the target will trigger an electrical explosion that does a fair amount of damage after a slight delay. If multiple OVERLOADED targets are in close proximity to one another, the resulting explosion will cause an arcing bolt to travel between targets, applying additional damage per target in the chain.

Cure: Etheral Orb

CORROSIVE: CORRODED deals ACID damage per second and increases the damage the target takes by 10 percent for the full duration of the effect. As far as we know, it doesn’t reduce the ARMOR value like it used to. ACID merely bypasses armor and hits directly the target’s health.

Cure: Antidote

BLEED: BLEEDING targets take damage over time at a rate slower than that of BURNING. Throughout the duration, healing effectiveness is halved. Though it doesn’t seem to apply to affect Lifesteal. Can stack up to 3 times, ramping up the damage taken per tic.

No way to remove the status effect early without a Bandage.

Cure: Bandage

Associated Item: Pipe Bomb

ROOT ROT: This nasty piece of work causes players to involuntarily cough every 10 seconds or so. Interrupts any action like aiming or dodge rolling. Eats away at STAMINA the longer the player is exposed. Effect stays indefinitely until Oilskin Balm is applied, World Stone is touched, or taken by death.

Cure: Oilskin Balm

SLOW: When SLOW is applied on a target, all actions including movement, attack speed, projectiles, and animations are slowed to a crawl. Leaving them wide open for attack. (So far, no enemy is known to apply this to the player.)

Associated Item: Blinding Orb

CURSE: A status effect mostly applied by the Fae. Reduces maximum health of the target. Can stack up to five times.

Cure: Purified Salve

SUPPRESS: A status effect only applied by the creatures on N’Erud. When the bar is full, the player will temporarily lose their ability use Perks or Skills in combat.

Cure: Timeworn Unguent

N’Erud Poison: The poison fog that covers the artificial home of the Dryzr. If you walk through it, your character is forced to vomit uncontrollably until out of it. Death will occur after prolonged exposure.

MADNESS: Exclusive to the Fargazer Weapon Mod. It deals constant damage over time in the direction that the player is aiming at. Lasts for 5 seconds. Refreshes if the player aims again. Can stack up to 10 times.

MOONLIGHT: Status effect exclusive to the Crescent Moon bow. Enemies stuck by arrows will release Moon Essence that will return 1 arrow and health 5% of health per arrow shot when the Mod is used.

FRAGMENTED: This unique status effect only exists on the Defrag Weapon Mod. With it active, shots apply the FRAGMENTED status effect. Targets that die create a Glitch that lasts for 15s. This mod also leaves behind Virus Pool on kills, potentially infecting nearby enemies with the same debuff.

Where to buy cures in Remnant 2

Curative items can be bought from Dr. Norah in Ward 13. She will have a limited range of items at the start of the campaign. More items are added as the player progresses through the main story.

All curative items increase status effect resistance for 10 minutes. It doesn’t mean that you won’t acquire the status effect, it just lessens the build-up.

Eating the fruit harvested from the Thaen Tree will make the player immune to Status Effects for 30s. This probably applies to every effect minus the ones that cause instant death.

And finally, if you want to know the current status effect your character has at any given moment, simply go to the Character Menu and hover over the top left of the screen. The icons will show you what has been applied currently to your character.

We hope that this little guide has helped you understand what to look out for in terms of status effects. Or at the very least where to look for information about them.

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