Remnant 2 Yaesha Guide

This guide talks about the world of Yaesha and how to complete its storylines in Remnant 2.

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Yaesha is one of the worlds that players can visit in Remnant 2. This land which was once lush and verdant with its forest is now crimson and overrun with Root. The Pan has also been reduced in numbers, both from the invasion and the rebel uprising, but some are still hopeful to someday get salvation from old allies.

Read ahead as we talk about Yaesha and how to progress through it in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

Yaesha can be one of three worlds that you can visit throughout a campaign, but the order that you can visit these worlds will be random in every campaign run. In this world, the quests, encounters, events, and mini dungeons will also be random in every run, including the enemies and mini bosses.

There are two main storylines in Yaesha that you can play through, and you’ll know which one you’ll be playing by your starting point:

  • The Corruptor – Starting location is The Red Throne.
  • The Ravager and the Doe – Starting location is The Forbidden Grove.

Completing any of the storylines in a run by defeating their respective final bosses will reward you with the Index Segment which is the key item of the overarching campaign.

The Corruptor Storyline

The Corruptor Storyline - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

The Red Throne

As you arrive at The Red Throne, you will find yourself at a fork in the path. These paths are also guarded by the Pan Warriors that are ruthless, but not as fast. The two side paths lead to buildings that have materials in them, while the center path leads to a throne room.

The Red Throne - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

You will then encounter the Eternal Empress, her attendant, and her guards. Through her attendant, the Empress threatens you to kill for her or be killed instead. If you agree to do so, you will be tasked to defeat the Corruptor that defiled their former Guardian. If you deny their request, the guards will then be ordered to attack you. After defeating the guards, the attendant will tell you that you have passed the test and you will still be given the task to defeat the Corruptor.

The Abomination

The Abomination - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

Head back to the hall that leads to the throne and turn to the hall that is infested with Root where you will find a veil at the end. You will then be transported to the Withering Weald which is an overworld for this world. It will be full of infectors and root brutes, so stay on your feet and don’t get cornered. At the far edge of the map is where you will find another veil and The Flautist.

The Flautist

The Flautist - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

The Flautist is a recurring character coming from Chronos: Before the Ashes. It warns you about the path that your tread ahead upon learning that you are heading to the Thaen in search of Clementine since the place has now been corrupted by their once-god.

Head towards the veil to arrive at one of the dungeons of Yaesha. Navigate through it and defeat its respective boss to proceed to the next area.

You will then arrive at The Far Woods which is the next overworld of Yaesha. Your objective here is to navigate through the path to reach the Widow’s Court. Upon reaching the Widow’s Court, you’ll be faced with enemies that have the ability to teleport.

While in the Widow’s Court, consider looking for the Ornate Key which can be found on a Pan’s corpse. This key opens up an Ornate Lockbox within the area as well. You can get different rewards depending on whether or not you open the box upon giving it back to the Empress, or if you give it back to her or not.

After reaching the next veil, you will arrive at The Great Bole where you will finally fight against the Corruptor.

The Corruptor Boss Fight

The Corruptor Boss Fight - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

During this boss fight, you will actually be fighting against the Corruptor and the Corrupted Guardian at the same time. Being almost inanimate, the Corruptor will dish out ranged attacks while the Guardian will be moving around, swinging its multiple swords at you. The Guardian can detach its arms which you can shoot to disable for a few seconds.

The Corruptor Boss Fight 2 - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

The Corruptor and the Guardian have separate health bars, but if the Guardian is down, the Corruptor will attempt to revive it by giving a chunk of its own health. While doing so, it will float over to where the Guardian is, revealing a weak spot which is a glowing part on its “underbelly”.

You only need to defeat the Corruptor to complete the quest and get the Index Segment. However, you will receive different drops depending on whether to keep the Guardian up or knock it down during the fight. If you defeat the Corruptor without knocking down the Guardian, you will get the Hollow Heart, otherwise you will get the Twisted Lazurite.

The Ravager and the Doe Storyline

The Ravager and the Doe Storyline - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

The Old Vaunnt

As you arrive in The Forbidden Grove, you will meet a Pan named Bedel of the Vaunnt. He speaks of knowing stories about Ford and how the land of Yaesha has been corrupted, even the deity known as the Ravager has fallen into the corruption. He will then ask you to end the Ravager to prevent the corruption from worsening.

As you venture through the grove, you can come across Meidra who is the Spirit of the Wood. She will ask you some situational questions and you can choose between two answers. Depending on your answers, you will be aligned between the Doe or the Ravager, and you will also receive a specific trait for each. Check our Meidra Answers and Rewards guide to know the answers to the questions and their alignment.

The Old Vaunnt - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

You will then have to continue through the grove and go through two dungeons. Along the way, you will meet up with The Flautist who will tell you about the Ravager. He also has a quest that you can complete after killing the Ravager that involves the Water Harp; you will get different rewards depending on what you do with the harp after obtaining it.

Fix the Music Box

Fix the Music Box - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

Further into the grove, you will come across a broken music box. Not much is told to you on how to fix it, but you can check our Music Box Puzzle guide to know the solution to it. Once the music box is fixed, you can then get access to the Ravager’s Lair.

Doe or Ravager

Doe or Ravager - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

Inside the Ravager’s Lair, you will meet up with the Ravager that has been corrupted by the Root. You will have a conversation with it and later on, it will show you the weakened Doe. It then gives you the option to kill the Doe.

At this point, you can choose among different actions, each having their own unique items to possibly obtain from:

  • If you shoot the Doe, you will get the Ravager’s Mark
  • If you heal the Doe, you will get the Doe’s Antler (crafted into Red Doe Staff)
  • If you shoot the Ravager and kill the Doe during the fight, you will get the Ravager’s Maw (crafted into Feral Judgement)
  • If you shoot the Ravager, bring its health down so that it eats the Doe, then defeat the Ravager, you will get the Crimson Membrane (crafted into Merciless)
Doe or Ravager 2 - Remnant 2 Yaesha Walkthrough

If you choose to fight the Ravager, you can expect it to be a nimble boss that will do quick physical attacks. It can also summon adds from its back, and if it manages to eat the Doe, it gets a powered up charge attack that can break through obstacles in its way.

After shooting the Doe right away or winning against the Ravager fight, you will get the respective unique drops, plus the Index Segment.

After completing either of the storylines, you can head back to The Labyrinth and talk to The Keeper to get your quest objectives updated accordingly.

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