Resident Evil 4 Remake Bella Sisters Boss Guide

How's how you can take down the Bella Sisters in Resident Evil 4 with ease

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The Bella Sisters are a reoccurring thorn in the sides of both Leon and Ada. She first encounters the sisters during her investigation of the church and surrounding village. In the labor camp, they both attack Leon at the same time as he was about to get a crank that was going to get him out of the camp.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how can defeat the Bella sisters in the most efficient manner. Unfortunately, unlike the first encounter with the chainsaw man, there’s no timer to save you. You have no choice but to take them down like the doctor.

How to Defeat the Bella Sisters in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The most distinctive feature of the sisters, compared to other chainsaw-wielding ganado is the fact that their chainsaws are red. Much like the chainsaw men, both sisters have a significantly higher health pool compared to other ganados. They also have quite a bit of flinch resistance and an attack that instantly kills you. The most worrying part is that they strike more frequently than other chainsaw wielders and more quickly.

At the start of the encounter, both sisters will square off against you and slowly move forward. They are surprisingly light-footed and will instantly kill if given the chance. Behind you, a door will burst open and a small group of ganados will menacingly walk in. They’re just there to complicate things.

Hopefully, you’ve been stacking up grenades at this point. They come in very handy for this encounter. The shotgun also does well in this encounter. However, if either sister charges while you’re aiming at them, you’re practically dead. As long as they walking, you should be fine to blast at them.

Also, keep in mind that enemies will continue to walk into the room until all the sisters have been defeated. Be careful, or you will find yourself neck-deep in zombie villagers.

The encounter ends once both sisters have been dispatched and the remaining villagers have been dealt with. Oh, if you’ve been carrying around the rocket launcher all this time, you can end the encounter by shooting the floor where the sisters stand. This will remove instantly and denies the villagers a chance to get involved in the fight.

Rewards for Defeating the Bella Sisters

After defeating one of the sisters, you will be rewarded with a Sapphire. While defeating the other one will reward you with the crank that’s necessary to level the camp. No trophies are directly tied to defeating the sisters.

Till next we meet in another boss guide, agents.

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