Resident Evil 4 Remake Bitores Mendez Boss Guide

How to defeat Bitores Mendez in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bitores Mendez Boss Guide

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, Bitores Mendez is one of the bosses you’ll face. He serves as the village priest of Valdelobos and was influenced into joining Saddler’s cult. Bitores himself was given the Plaga, but a more refined version of it which allows him to still maintain control over his body. His tall and bulky stature becomes even greater when he mutates into his monstrous form.

Keep reading to learn about the strategies you can use to defeat Bitores Mendez in Resident Evil 4 Remake, along with tips and tricks to make this boss fight easier.

How to Defeat Bitores Mendez - Resident Evil 4 Remake

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, the final part of Chapter 6 includes a boss fight against Bitores Mendez, the Village Chief who has been causing trouble for Leon throughout the game. To defeat him, you’ll want to bring your best weapons and use a smart strategy to conserve ammo and health, especially on the harder difficulties.

How to Defeat Bitores Mendez in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Village Chief Bitores Mendez boss fight will be divided into two phases, keep these tips in mind to easily defeat Mendez:

For Preparation:

  • Bring a TMP weapon if possible, but a shotgun is also effective.
  • Bring at least one spare knife.
  • Equip Charms that increase healing.
  • Consider buying a First Aid Spray from the Merchant.

Phase 1 Tips:

  • Focus on shooting Mendez’s head.
  • Stay on the ground floor and run around him.
  • Use the evade prompts to leave him open for extra shots.
  • Use the Riot Gun.

Phase 2 Tips:

  • Grab the resources from the upper walkway like the flash grenade, handgun ammo, kitchen knife, and some green herbs.
  • Watch out for Mendez’s various attacks, such as throwing burning wooden planks or exploding barrels.
  • Use your handgun or rifle to shoot the exploding barrels before he can throw them.
  • When he charges, move to the side and shoot him.
  • Stab Mendez when prompted while he’s on the ground.
  • Grab Mendez’s False Eye from his corpse after defeating him because it can be sold to the Merchant
  • Check for any missed items before leaving the building.

Phase 1

After reaching the village’s slaughterhouse, Leon tells Ashley to hide as he goes into the building to check. Upon entering, Bitores manages to sneak behind Leon and throws him to the ground. A barrel of gasoline gets spilled because of this which Leon uses to blow the priest up. However, Bitores survives the explosion and mutates into a centipede-like creature with long claws.

For the first phase of the fight, you will have to unload everything that you got and aim at Bitores’ spine. The slaughterhouse is quite narrow with not much space to go to for safety, but luckily you can easily walk under his arms as he winds up for an attack. Take this opportunity to run to the other end of the slaughterhouse where you can fire at him once more. It also helps to pay attention to whenever the boss gets staggered as it will give you a window to pass through him. Rinse and repeat this process until you finally rip off his lower half from his torso.

How to Defeat Bitores Mendez Step 1 - Resident Evil 4 Remake

Phase 2

The second phase of the fight becomes more dangerous as Bitores becomes faster and more mobile. He uses his claws to hang on the beams and he can swing closer to you much faster. His attack reach is now wider than before, leaving you not much room to dodge through an attack. If he does do a slash, a QTE will appear which will let you dodge to evade the attack.

How to Defeat Bitores Mendez Step 2 - Resident Evil 4 Remake

The strategy for this fight is to use Flash Grenades especially when Bitores is hanging high up. This causes him to get staggered and fall on the ground, giving you a window to throw grenades at him or unload your TMP or shotgun shots at him.

Another attack we want to keep a special eye out for is when he grabs a couple of exploding barrels and lifts them up to chuck them in your direction. Make sure to shoot one of these before he unleashes them and the resulting explosion will cause him lots of damage.

The last thing we need to look out for is his charging attack where he’ll swing forward and land on the ground right where you are at. When he does this, simply move to the side out of his way and pound him with shots.

After making the boss fall for around three times, you will then be able to finally defeat him. Once you’ve defeated Bitores Mendez, grab his False Eye from his corpse, and do a quick sweep of the area for any items you may have missed. Although the building is on fire, take your time to collect any valuable resources before it collapses. A short cutscene will play showing Leon picking up Bitores’ false eye as it rolls on the ground.

Rewards for defeating Bitores Mendez

Your first time defeating Bitores Mendez will earn you the Silver Grilled Big Cheese trophy. And the False Eye that you have collected from his corpse, if sold to the Merchant, is worth 12,000 Pesetas which you can use to purchase other items.