Resident Evil 4 Remake Concept Art Reportedly Leaked by Voice Actor

Claims come out after rumors about voice actor surface.

state of play june 2022 leak

A new report claimed the Resident Evil 4 Remake concept art got leaked by one of its voice actors even though it has not been announced yet by CAPCOM.

The voice actor who is involved in this big leak is DC Douglas who has played the villain Albert Wesker for many years already. The rumor claims that the leaked artwork was sent by Douglas privately via Twitter after he was talking about his role during a Twitch livestream. It showed Wesker in his concept art form that was reportedly given to him by CAPCOM.

This has come out during the time where there have been many reports about Douglas that claim he has some interactions with his fans at conventions and online via social media. They alleged him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

Douglas did post via Facebook to the claims and denied them. He revealed he was “not hired for any RE Games. Fact.” He then repeated this later with the same statement, “I am not hired by CAPCOM for any RE games as of today.”

In another post via Instagram, Douglas clarified his position. He stated that he has not announced anything, did not post anything, and confirmed that he is not under any contract with CAPCOM or any RE game. He is excited for any RE4 news though.

Douglas also clarified that the claims of supposedly inappropriate behavior was due to him being a victim of stalking and defamation by a pair of former fans. He also admitted that he had a brief relationship with.

There have been screenshots of Douglas claiming that he had shared the image to fans via Twitter direct messages and were shared via social media. Both Twitch and Twitter accounts of him though are now offline.