Resident Evil 4 Remake Treasure Combinations

How the treasure combination mechanic works in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Treasure Combination cover

Treasure combination is a side mechanic in Resident Evil 4 Remake that allows players to inlay gems on some treasures and increase their overall value. Knowing and understanding how to combine and what combinations to make is a good way of getting a lot of pesetas in the later parts of the game.

Read ahead as we talk more about the treasure combination mechanic in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to combine treasures

Combining treasures can be done by going through the pause menu and going to the Key Items & Treasures tab. Here, you will see all of the treasures that you have collected so far.

You can start combining treasures as soon as you get one that has gem slots and compatible gems. Select a slotted treasure, then select the option to inlay gemstones. Only gems that fit the shape of the slot can be inlaid on the treasure. Also, different treasures can have different numbers of slots and slot shapes.

Inlaid gemstones can still be taken out of the treasure by selecting on the treasure and choosing the Remove Gemstones option.

Gemstone Bonuses

By matching gemstones, you can get a bonus multiplier for the total value of the combined treasure. These bonuses only require matching gem colors, not gem shapes. Also, the positioning of the gems on the treasure does not affect the multiplier.

Here are the different combinations and their bonus multipliers:

  • Two Colors – Two gems with different colors | x1.1 multiplier
  • Duo – Two games with the same color | x1.2 multiplier
  • Three Colors – Three gems with different colors | x1.3 multiplier
  • Trio – Three gems with the same color | x1.4 multiplier
  • Two Duos – A combination of two Duos | x1.5 multiplier
  • Four Colors – Four gems with different colors | x1.6 multiplier
  • Quartet – Four gems of the same color | x1.7 multiplier
  • Duo and Trio – A combination of a Duo and a Trio | x1.8 multiplier
  • Quintet – Five gems with the same color | x1.9 multiplier
  • Five Colors – Five gems with different colors | x2.0 multiplier

The multiplier applies to the total value of the treasure and the gem/s inlaid on it. Only higher bonuses will be applied to the total multiplier, and they do not stack, with the exception of the Duo and Trio, which are combinations on their own.

Treasures and Gems

Here is a list of all the available treasures and their respective base values and gem slots:

  • Butterfly Lamp – 6,000 ptas | ○○○
  • Chalice of Atonement – 7,000 ptas | ◻◻◻
  • Elegant Bangle – 5,000 ptas | ○○
  • Elegant Crown – 19,000 ptas | ○○◻◻◻
  • Elegant Mask – 5,000 ptas | ○○○
  • Extravagant Clock – 9,000 ptas | ○◻
  • Flagon – 4,000 ptas | ○○
  • Golden Lynx – 15,000 ptas | ○○◻
  • Ornate Necklace – 11,000 ptas | ○○◻◻
  • Splendid Bangle – 4,000 ptas | ◻◻

Here are all the gems and their individual values:

  • Ruby – 3,000 ptas.
  • Sapphire – 4,000 ptas.
  • Yellow Diamond – 7,000 ptas.
  • Emerald – 5,000 ptas.
  • Alexandrite – 6,000 ptas.
  • Red Beryl – 9,000 ptas.

Best Treasure Combination

The highest valued possible combination that can be done is with an Elegant Crown having the Five Colors combination using Sapphire, Yellow Diamond, Emerald, Alexandrite, and Red Beryl. This combination has a total value of 100,000 pesetas as compared to just selling each item individually for 50,000 pesetas.

Check out this video by Fredchuckdave showing how the treasure combination mechanic works in Resident Evil 4 Remake: