Resident Evil 4 Remake Twin Garrador Boss Guide

Here's what you need to be aware of as you're fighting the Twin Garrador Boss fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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What’s worse than one Garrador? How about two Garradors at once? The Twin Garrador boss fight takes place during the time when Ashley has been separated from Leon. While cutting a path to Ashley across Salazar Castle, Leon stumbles upon one of the castle’s armories. There, a group of cultists lay in wait, as well as a duo of frightening foes.

This Twin Garrador guide will tell you everything you need to be aware of should you take on the terrible twins with razor-sharp claws. It’s a surprisingly simple fight but they can still surprise you with how fast they can kill you.

How to Defeat the Twin Garrador in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The encounter starts the moment Leon opens the front doors and sees enemies before him. A group of cultists will start to slowly advance in all directions, while the twins wait in the wings, itching for a chance to strike. For this part of the fight, all you need to do is to kill them as they approach. We highly advise using the table as an obstacle while constantly looking at the side passages for movement. the last thing you want to happen is the enemy sneaking up behind you.

You needn’t wait long for the twin Garrador to get involved. As soon as you start taking down the cultists, the twins will break free of their bindings and will start blindly slashing at everything in front of them, starting with the cultists. During the course of the fight, cultists will drop from the balcony above and appear from the side corridors. The Garrador won’t actively try to kill the reinforcing Cultists but they won’t hesitate to kill them if they get in the way.

The first Garrador is one you’re already familiar with. This is one is similar to the other one you first encountered in the dungeons. The other Garrador is a more interesting one. This Garrador has armor covering its head and torso. You can already guess that the armor will deflect any conventional firearm. Additionally, this Garrador is controlled by two Plagas parasites. Meaning you’ll have to destroy them both to finally kill their host.

Now, fighting both of the twins at once isn’t ideal. Should you get into a position where you are corned with them barreling down on you, it is best to bring out your knife and deflect a couple of swipes before repositioning to somewhere safer.

The idea is to start picking them off one at a time. You’d preferably want to go after the unarmored one first. You can for the armored one but do keep in mind the two parasites essentially give that Garrador double health points.

Controlling the arena is going to be key for this fight, especially in harder difficulties. You can break boxes and vases to draw their attention. If you’re looking for a chance to get a solid shot in, your best bet is to shoot the bells along the walls. This will cause one of the twins to frenzy and destroy the bell. When they do this, they’ll be vulnerable for a short period. Use the opportunity to lay in some good damage.

The encounter shouldn’t take too long. Once the Twin Garrdor go down, you may be tasked to wipe the remaining Cultists in the arena before depositing the key items onto their respective sockets.

Twin Garrador Rewards

The twin Garrador will have a matching pair of the Unicorn Horn key items. There are no other rewards unless you can the ones that drop from the vases and the cultists.

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