Respawn Entertainment Allowed To Make Decisions, Calls For The Best Of Team

Apex Legends Loba

Game developer Respawn Entertainment is celebrating its 10th year anniversary recently by opening a new Vancouver studio. With this new studio, their team is now larger than ever and can now focus on more of their popular IPs especially Apex Legends.

EA, notorious for its microtransactions, surprisingly has different tactics for the guys behind Respawn Entertainment. COO Dusty Welch talks about how surprised he was that the game publisher has not taken control of Apex Legends’ monetization.

Respawn Entertainment gets support from EA

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen once said that he expects Apex Legends to last a ten year run ahead of it all. With this praise comes a big responsibility for the game developers, they have been pressured to both create and maintain its popular title, which was Apex Legends. To the surprise of everyone, EA has been hands-off of the title.

Welcher stated:

I’ve never run a franchise before where there’s been so little or no pressure from the publisher or from corporate or my partner about the monetization or the revenue. That is not how Respawn has been wired or built. I don’t think that EA is wired or built that way.

The big boss of the game studio shared that there is obviously a balance between monetization and them doing things the right way. He praised the publisher and its leadership team that they understand that balance and what is important for the studio. This is the reason why the studio can do the decision making and the calls for what is best for them and the team, and also consideration for the IP and its player base.

Welcher revealed that the studio has a long-term view of where they are taking the franchise, and EA respects and supports that view. They have been growing this feeling since their Activision days. Now they have this realistic long-term view, and he appreciates EA for the support and the lack of pressure.

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