Return to Monkey Island Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here's what you need to know in order to get the Platinum Trophy in Return to Monkey Island

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After previously releasing on both Nintendo Switch and PC, Return to Monkey is now set to release on PlayStation consoles real soon. And with that being said, here’s your Trophy Guide to getting the game’s platinum trophy. Guybrush Threepwood can’t call Lucas Arts support for this one, you’re going to have to pirate up and do it yourself.

Return to Monkey Island Trophy Guide

Here’s the list of trophies you can expect to earn in Return to Monkey Island for the PS5 including how to unlock them.


  • Admiral Monkey: Earned every one of our amazing trophies


  • Trivia Overload: Answered one hundred trivia questions correctly – 0/100
  • Cogg Island: Found Cogg Island
  • Speed Runner: Reached the end in 2 hours or less


  • Mop Top: Got hired with all four mop heads – 0/4
  • Neat Freak: Listed every mess on the first swab’s report – 0/8
  • Dead Dead Dead: Died for real
  • Tight Ship: Decked out the Sea Monkey II with Spooky Skulls
  • Ahoy There: Ahoy! More than Twenty Times
  • On the lam: Let the Lumsucker escape
  • Deep Sea Diver: Explored the entire ocean floor – 0/6
  • Part Five: Started Part Five
  • Free Wally: Rescued Rally from Monkey Island
  • I Don’t Believe: Returned to the world you know
  • Trivia Grand Master: Answered fifty trivia questions correctly – 0/50
  • Trivia Lord: Answered seventy-five trivia questions correctly – 0/75


  • Pegleg: Fulfilled your restroom obligations
  • Lucky Duck: Shared your luck
  • Part One: Started Part one
  • Fan Service: Convinced Cobb to tell you about LOOM
  • Cartography Nerd: Thoroughly examined all of Wally’s stock – 0/18
  • Mop Heist: Attempted to steal the Cook’s mop
  • Hey Wait!: Freed Otis
  • Bragging: Told Everyone On Melee Island that you are looking for the secret – 0/15
  • Part Two: Started Part two
  • Super Swabbie: Swabbed the hold twenty times – 0/20
  • Hot Headed: Braved the Scorched Alaska
  • Part Three: Started Part Three
  • Not Bitter: Got to the heart of the Problem
  • Part Four: Started Part four
  • Patient Citizen: Waited Patiently to see Carla
  • Relief Pitcher: Offered to donate to the earthquake relief
  • Promise Keeper: Did Gullet a favor
  • Dental Samaritan: Gave Stan his toothbrush
  • Flag Facsimile: Performed the Ole Switcheroo with the Replica Flag
  • Trophy Fisher: Became a Prize Chum
  • Bookworm: Found all the copies of ‘At the End of the Plank’ – 0/5
  • Card Collector: Collected more than twenty trivia cards – 0/20
  • Trivia Go Getter: Answered Ten Trivia Questions Correctly – 0/10
  • Trivia Master: Answered twenty-five trivia questions correctly – 0/25

Hidden Trophies

  • Mop Heist
  • Mop Top
  • Hot Headed
  • Dead Dead Dead
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Ahoy There
  • On the Lam
  • Dead Sea Diver
  • I Don’t Believe
  • Cogg Island

There are a total of 40 trophies you can obtain during the course of the game. The list consists of:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 3 Gold Trophies
  • 12 Silver Trophies
  • 24 Bronze Trophies

Many of the trophies in Return to Monkey Island are obtained organically. There are, however, those that are obtained by going above and beyond your duties, particularly your mopping duties. The ones that come to mind are Mop Top, Super Swabbie, and Neat Freak.

As with every Monkey Island game, there are things that can only be accomplished with patience and exploration. Also, answering the right questions.

The Trivia related trophies are going to take some time. Especially if you are asked to answer 100 questions to get the Gold Trophy.

And finally, you may want to do a couple of runs before attempting the Speed Runner trophy. There are a lot of things that could potentially mess up your run. I know the feeling of cutting it close.

Return to Monkey Island reveal gameplay

And that’s it for this trophy guide. Good luck out there, captains.

Also, check out the launch trailer for Return to Monkey Island courtesy of Devolver Digital.

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