Returnal Has Dev Cheats but Needs Keyboard to Work

A new discovery related to recently released video game Returnal was shared on social media and it might be quite fun to try out after a frustrating run.

Game developer Housemarque must have forgotten to turn this newly discovered developer cheats because someone has uncovered them. There is a requirement though, which is a keyboard. This comes from the subreddit of the game for the fans and the redditor was happy to share his findings. The best part, it also works on update 1.003.

…Drop Weapons… Press & Hold Shift, Control, Alt.

Then press 1 to 0 to drop diffrent weapons from the Game at current weapon proficiency.

(On Death, you can now start with your preferred weapon of choice)

…Ship Respawn (Keep everything)…

Press & Hold Shift, Control.

Then press 4.

This will respawn you at the ship with current health, money, keys, artefacts, adrenaline level and weapon proficiency. You can also buy another set of weapon proficiency, health upgrade and artefacts at shop area once you Respawn. …..

So simply..

Start Game and Pick Weapon of Choice (Perks, Attributes)

Level Weapon Proficiency and Drop Weapon again for upgraded version.

Reach Shop, buy Health Upgrade, Weapon Proficiency or Artefacts you want or need.

Then Respawn at ship and repeat until your happy with your build.

Now, enjoy Returnal and the Grind. Hope this helps players who don’t have the time, encountered crashes or just find game a bit challenging.

DO NOT USE 3 or 7 freezes when holding (Shift and Control Only). 1,2,5,6,9,0 Doesn’t do anything.

Important Update – Thanks to [ImportanceActual3540]

Do not use Ship Respawn (Shift, Ctrl & 4) after Biome 3, or during Biome 4. (Unless you’ve already beaten the Game.)

You return too Ship Location in Biome 1, with no way to return too last Biome you reached.

While this dev cheat is still out, please do not abuse this to the point that it would spoil your experience. Just use this if you have finished the game or you are too frustrated with your current run. Enjoy!

Returnal is now available exclusively on PS5.

Check out the video description to see more instructions:

Source Reddit