Returnal Developer Reveals Plans for New IP

A whole new IP in the works!

In a recent interview Housemarque shares their plans for their upcoming new game as Returnal gained quite the following when it launched.

After the great feedback Returnal got when it launched, it seems Housemarque is now looking towards the future with their big plans for a new game. In a recent interview with media outlet Venture Beat, the game developer was asked about what they intend to do after the release of Returnal.

Housemarque Managing Director Ilari Kuittinen discussed a bit about their latest title and how it gained quite the identity when it launched. On the topic of their next game, he gives a vague answer saying “the jury is still out there.” It is expected they will be delivering a new game under Sony Interactive Entertainment.

While they have worked on multiplayer games in the past, Kuittinen confessed they did not do well in that department. This is the reason for them to stick with making arcade games. He then hinted that the next project they are working on is still in early development and it will be a whole new IP.

Fans of Returnal will surely be disappointed as hopes for a sequel will be on hold for a long while. It seems exciting though that a new IP is in the works and with Housemarque’s reputation, it will surely be a banger of a game.

Returnal is already available on PS5.