Returnal Launch Trailer Features the Main Mechanic Time Loop

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Housemarque has released the launch trailer for upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive video game Returnal.

The new trailer shows how the main game mechanic, time loop, works in the game. The footage starts with Selene crash landing on the alien planet Atropos then exploring it while encountering the locals that are actually aggressive and are trying to kill her. She then suddenly meets her old home in the middle of this strange alien planet for some reason and tries to explore it as well.

Selene gets killed and then the loop begins. Every time she dies though, she gets closer to the truth of what Atropos really is and learning new things. The footage then gets quite crazy as it loops different scenes over and over again until it ends with what it seems to be her playing the piano and walking through the fields with her home on the horizon.

Returnal will launch on April 30 exclusively on PS5 for only $69.99. Check out the space needed to have in order to pre-load the game here.

Here’s the launch trailer: