Returnal PC Screenshots Leaked

This could be the strongest lead of a possible PC port.

Returnal PC screenshots have been leaked after rumors of PlayStation exclusives coming to PC.

After Sackboy A Big Adventure was recently rumored to be coming to PC, PC screenshots have suddenly popped up online, which includes Sackboy and interestingly, Returnal. With these leaked images, it seems to imply the Returnal is going to the PC in the near future. There were rumors of it coming to PC a few weeks ago, but this seems to be the strongest lead yet.

According to the leaked images, Returnal will have full PC support from keyboard and mouse to detailed graphics settings. For graphics, there will be three settings to choose from: High, Epic, and Custom.

The leaked images unfortunately did not share specific details of the three graphics settings, but it did give a preview of some of the options that can be customized. The settings include VSync, option to chance max frames per second, screen optimizations, resolution percentage, shadow quality, ray-traced shadows, reflection quality, ray-traced reflections, lighting quality, anti-aliasing quality, depth of field, and more.

High setting could be the equivalent of the default setting, but still offers high visuals in-game. Epic setting, on the other hand, offers the maximum setting for players to choose. The PC desktop or laptop should have the recommended hardware in order to support this type of setting as it seems it is going to be super heavy on the processes. Custom setting could be the better option here, which would allow users to choose which setting should be at maximum or at high settings so it would allow their hardware to support the game.

While the leaked images look legitimate, it is still recommended to take this with a grain of salt. Until Housemarque releases an official announcement, let us hold on out on the celebrations.

Returnal is now available on PS5.

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