Returnal PC Version Nearly Confirmed with New Update on Steam Database

It's just a matter of time.

A new update on the Steam database might have just nearly confirmed the Returnal PC version.

The Steam update has nearly confirmed the PC version of the popular PS5 exclusive Returnal. The codename for the game Oregon was first seen earlier this year and many speculated that this was actually Returnal on PC. Their proof was the localization strings that had the locations from the game.

The update has now put those doubts to rest as the strings are now clearly saying Returnal. There is a new changelist entry that shows the word Returnal on it which was added to the save games directory. This was edited out a few hours later but the internet already has screenshots of this change.

Several pieces of evidence were gathered by speculators and insiders. There were images of the settings menu, a clip that shows that menu, and a lot more. The only thing that will officially confirm these leaks is an official announcement from Housemarque. With the various leaks that have been discovered, it can only be a matter of time before the statement.

Returnal is now on PS5.