Returnal to Take Advantage of PS5 Hardware and Peripherals for Relentless and Immersive Gameplay


Upcoming PlayStation 5 video game Returnal is game studio Housemarque’s exclusive for the next-gen console and has not forgotten how fun retro shooters were. Integrate that fun factor into this new title then it will be a fast-paced game with no time to rest.

According to the Official PlayStation Magazine (August 2020 Issue), Housemarque is actually trying to showcase some of the PS5’s core features with this upcoming exclusive next-gen game. With the power of the console system’s new SSD, the die/return mechanic only takes seconds to happen. With that insane quick response, players will not have enough time to compose themselves and get back to the action.

While the no loading times sound quite the fun factor already, the new DualSense Controller also offers quite the immersive experience for the players. Changing shooting styles in the middle of the quick-paced gameplay is done easier with the controller’s adaptive trigger. Also with the haptic feedback, they can feel their way through their arsenal while the alien horde swarms them.

The 3D audio of Returnal will be a new sensation for veterans of shooter games. This might be a third-person shooter, but with the new 3D audio, players will have a new sense of positional awareness. They can hear aliens coming from behind, around, and above them.

This game will be an insanely quick and immersive experience for anyone who will try it.

Returnal is exclusively launching on PlayStation 5. No official release date was announced yet.

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