Revival: Recolonization Receives New Teaser

It's Time to Rebuild Earth Once Again

Video game company HeroCraft PC has released a new teaser for their upcoming 4x strategy game, Revival: Recolonization. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the latest teaser video, first premiered at the Escapist Indie Showcase, gives players a glimpse of what awaits them in Revival: Recolonization.

Watch the teaser trailer here

About Revival: Recolonization

Prepare yourself to engage in a complex competition for dominance against other human tribes and a maniacal rogue AI that transforms the world around you. Explore a devastated Earth after getting hit by calamity, terraform the surface of the planet, and lead your people through the ages to survival and prosperity.


  • Enjoy an Unprecedented Level of Freedom: Revival regenerates a vast possibility of space for you to play around with. From sudden weather changes to zombie infestations and bans on certain weapon types. Adapt to new conditions with the help of the nuanced edict system that allows you to terraform the planet and fine-tune the game rules on specifics regions of the map.
  • Progress Through the Ages: Survivors of the catastrophe have unique traits and bonuses that affect your gameplay style. Pick the right tribe and help your followers to advance to futuristic settlements.
  • Engage in Tactical Combat: Equip your army with a variety of components, some of which can be crafted. Adapt your tactics in intense turn-based battles by mixing and matching parts, as well using destructible cover to defeat your enemies.
  • Explore Earth After a Devastating Cataclysm: Revival: Recolonization takes place on a world that is drastically different from how we remember it. Discover pre-cataclysm artifacts and anomalies with unexpected behaviors. Fear off against mutated beasts and mechanical automatons alike!

For more information about the game, you can visit its Steam page.

Source: Press Release