Jhin “Deadeye” confirmed? Riot releases a new teaser for a new champ

Zed deadeye teaser
Deadeye teaser featuring Zed

It has been about two weeks since Riot’s boggling teaser that first featured Zed who seemingly got killed which can be seen when you go to his part of the champion info section in the league of legends official website.

The teaser features a sound which most likely sounded like a gun going off or a sound of thunder which then shows us the image of a seemingly dead Zed, this was followed up days later with similar styled teasers which featured Garen, Vi and Sona, which all appeared to have been shot by someone.



For weeks fans have been speculating as to what this teaser could mean. Some speculated that it could be a champion rework while some die hard fans dug inside the teaser video by using a text editor to open it, and eventually found references to “DeadEye” and a name “Jhin” alongside the said characters featured in the teasers and speculated that this could be a set of teasers for a new champion.

On January 6, the speculations about a new champion has been confirmed as Riot released a new teaser for a new champion which mirrors with the “Deadeye” teasers these past few weeks.


New champion teaser:

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