Rise of the Ronin: Yokohama Scene of Interest Guide (Photography Guide)

A Photography guide to complete all Rise of the Ronin Scene of Interest challenges in Yokohama.

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Photography plays a key role in the Rise of the Ronin. With the cutting-edge camera provided to us by the best inventor of the era, we have produced irrefutable evidence that even the most corrupt officials cannot wiggle their way out of. But by far, the best use of the camera is to capture the fleeting beauty of the moment before they are swept away by the turbulent times.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get the photos you need to complete the Scenes of Interest missions on the Yokohama map.

The local photographer has hired you to take photos many would deem questionable. The four Scenes of Interest missions can be undertaken once you have a working camera in your possession. The Scenes of Interest are not to be confused with photograph opportunities at various Points of Interest.

Think of them as mini-missions for specific clients, complete with their little backstories. You get rewards for both photography jobs from the same person, regardless.

Once you have accepted a job, a marker will appear on the map, telling you where to go. Once you reach the destination, the area will change slightly to accommodate mission parameters. Some pictures require you to be in the area at a specific time of day. Thankfully, you can use the pocket watch key item to fast-forward time.

Camera Obscura

Expulsionist ronin are gathering in one of the ghost villages in Maita to discuss their conspiracies away from the eyes of the law. Please provide photographic evidence so that I may report this to the commissioner. Rumor has it that the ronin mark the site where they meet by four dice and two chickens.
- Maita Landowner

This mission takes place in an abandoned village in the Maita region. The approaches to the village are being watched by a handful of enemies that are easily dispatched. As you walk the main road, a patrolling group of thugs will appear from a nearby house and walk around the village. You can quickly take them out if you need to do so.

You will be tasked to look inside three possible houses where the meeting could be and take a picture of the Ronin gathering. Don’t worry about starting them, you can start a fight outside and I’m pretty sure they will be oblivious of what’s happening outside.

Look for a building at the center of town with a ledge and an open second-floor window. That’s usually the one that has the gathering.

After you’ve taken the picture, feel free to head back to the photography studio. Or go to the next scene of interest.

Scene of the Crime

Murderous thieves are stalking the Tobe village area at night. Their identity remains unknown, save for the detail that they are skilled swordsmen. Due compensation will be awarded to those who can provide photographic evedence that will definitely identify the ringleader, dead or alive.
- Kanagawa Comminioner's Office

This mission takes place in a village in Tobe where murderous thieves decided to move in for the night. Once you reach the area, it is a good idea to go to the nearby watchtower and wait until it is nighttime. (Or just use the pocketwatch.)

The village will be illuminated by multiple torches and a few gang members patrolling the area. You can hear some poor man screaming in the background. I’m pretty sure that’s to draw attention away from the lodge. But it’s just a distraction to get you to look elsewhere.

Your objective is the big lodge building at the top of the hill. It’s the most obvious place for the ringleader to be. From the watchtower, glide onto the roof of the building and then look for a crawl space at the far end of the lodge. This will allow you to sneak into the building undetected. From the attic above, you can see the ringleader having dinner with one of his best swordsmen below. Take a picture with both men in the frame to complete the mission.

After you’ve taken the picture, you can decide to bring justice to the evildoers. Alternatively, you can quietly leave the way you came in and then teleport to a safe area.

A Chilling Site

My drinking buddy claims he saw a ghost stalking the graveyard on the edge of town. At first I thought he was pulling my leg, but he genuinely seemed spooked! If it's a joke, it's a cruel one, as now I can't pass by the place without feeling a chill down my spine. Somebody please get to the bottom of this, and make it quick!
- Junji the Coward

This job will take you to the remote region of Hiranuma-Shinden. There is a graveyard on the edge of a town and somebody’s running afoul of the place. For this one, I advise going to the location during the day and scoping the place out before looking for a spot to chill before nightfall. The moment I stepped into the place, my eyes were drawn to a ring of stone that housed a few gravestones.

I decided to speed up time somewhere outside the ring, and surely enough, an unknown person was performing a ritual in front of one of the gravestones. It took me a while to get the right angle on the man. Turns out, I was supposed to quietly walk into one of the entrances and take a photo of the man as he was performing the ritual.

It goes without saying that the real ghosts inside the ring were not too happy with his shenanigans. (It didn’t end well for him.)

Canine Catcher

One of my servants took the dogs out for a walk, and accidentally let them loose! Can you believe it? Fortunately, my dogs are highly intelligent, and won't follow just anyone, so if somebody would locate their whereabouts, I will go fetch them myself. Oh, and just so you know, they are rather fond of flowers.
- Yoshiemon Inuyama

This job probably takes up the most time out of all the Yokohama Scenes of Interest. It involves you finding four dogs and taking their pictures. The search area for the dogs takes up almost the entire Northern part of the Sodegaura region. The good news is that the dogs are located at the four corners of the map: North, South, East, and West.

The clue is to look for areas covered in flowers. That’s probably a dead giveaway that one of the dogs is close by.

  • A group of boars was harassing the first dog I located on the beach. I couldn’t get a clear photo without angering the boars. So I had to kill them all before taking the dog’s picture.
  • The second dog I found was somewhere North of the search radius. The dog was chowing down on a rabbit it managed to hunt down behind a log surrounded by flowers. I think that should be the best clue for this one. If you see the log from a distance, that’s where you should go.
  • The third dog was easy enough to find along the Western edges of the search radius. The good lil pup is sleeping on top of a random shed in a clearing. I don’t know how it got up there but I’m glad it didn’t get itself into trouble.
  • The fourth and final dog is found at the Southern edge of the search radius on a cliff overlooking the main road next to the beach. For this one, you should look for the cliff and the flowers covering the small area. The dog is seen trying to dig something out next to a statue. It might be best to leave it as it is.

And that’s all the Scenes of Interest for the Yokohama map. Stay tuned for the other maps and their Scene of Interest missions.