Roblox Rule 63 Explained: All You Need to Know

Rule 63 is a popular term in the internet and now it's made its way to Roblox.

Roblox Rule 63 featured

Even on the untamed internet, there exists certain principles for all, such as Rule 63, even for one such as Roblox. But what exactly is Roblox Rule 63, and what does the game platform have to do with it? If you find yourself asking what this is and why everyone is talking about it, then allow us to explain what’s going on.

What is Roblox Rule 63?

Roblox Rule 63 turns already-established characters into the opposite gender. Usually, this means that male characters are turned into attractive females, and rarely the other way around. Since Roblox can use established intellectual properties to center their games around, some content creators for Roblox have gender-swapped licensed characters.

A lot of the content on Roblox is anime-inspired. Roblox Rule 63 gained traction after anime-inspired content from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was subjected to gender-swapping characters and even their stands. There’s something amusing about tall and muscular macho men, and the spiritual manifestation of their fighting spirit becomes cute anime girls.

The biggest complaint about this isn’t because these characters are gender swapped thanks to Rule 63. But rather because the gender swap itself is so oversexualized. There’s questionable content online where these characters from anime are in provocative poses, despite them being just Roblox.

For a game that centers around children, people are understandably concerned. Children being exposed to mature content because of Roblox isn’t a good sign. The platform already has a questionable history when it comes to protecting kids from predators online, as many aspects of the game are monetized.

What is Roblox Rule 63?

So what is Rule 63? Rule 63 itself is from a long-standing “rule of the internet” made by 4chan that caught on with the general public. Rule 63 is just one of the many standing rules that exist online. It’s really just a meme where a character, who is usually male, turns into the opposite gender. However, it doesn’t just end there. Even if the guy is really ugly, fans often have the habit of portraying them as cute and beautiful women.

Since the character is more attractive now, the content usually comes with sexually provocative undertones. You’ll usually see Rule 63 characters now posing more suggestively compared to their original versions. And it’s no different in Roblox 63, so exercise caution when you look it up.

That explains Roblox Rule 63. We may have helped you stare into the abyss but you don’t need to dive in.