RoboCop Rogue City Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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The more I think about it, the more assured I am that RoboCop Rogue City was at the right moment in the RoboCop timeline. And it’s not just because Nuke plays a major role in the story but also because of RoboCop 2. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say that we get an ending that was more action-packed compared to what we got at the end of the second movie.

In this RoboCop Rogue City trophy guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to do to get the Platinum for the “Tin Man” simulator. For the most part, the game is linear to a certain point but many of the large maps do afford you a level of explorability to find OCP chests and the out-of-the-way side missions.

There are 28 trophies to collect while cleaning the street of Old Detroit of crime:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 6 Gold trophies
  • 10 Silver trophies
  • 11 Bronze trophies

RoboCop Rogue City Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • To Serve and Protect: Acquire all the trophies

Gold trophies

  • SuperCop: Score 250 points at the shooting range
  • Book Him!: Complete Ghosts from The Past quest
  • Let’s Talk: Complete Wendell’s Confession quest
  • Cashing Out: Complete The Man Himself quest
  • Not Arresting You Anymore: complete No Way Out quest
  • “Nice Shooting, Son”: Complete the game on any difficulty level

Silver trophies

  • Good eyes, Murphy!: Find a PCB for Auto-9 in a secret area of Steel Mill
  • “This Guy is Really Good”: Score 200 points at the shooting range
  • Officer of the Month: Score “A” on any evaluation
  • There Can Only Be One: Destroy all UEDs during a Shady Meeting in under 10 minutes
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Fully develop any skill
  • Hard Boiled: Help Kurtze and O’Neal solve a murder case
  • Hight Has Just Begun: Complete Breaking News quest
  • Dead or Alive: Complete Soot’s Final Encore quest
  • Twenty Seconds to Comply: Complete Street Vulture’s Turf quest
  • Don’t Mess With the Money!: Complete Bank Heist quest

Bronze trophies

  • No Stone Unturned: Find a secret area in the Arcade
  • Zip This Up: Shoot an enemy in a sensitive spot
  • Live by the Bike: Shoot the gas tank of a moving motorcycle
  • Strikeout!: Eliminate an enemy using a throwable object
  • Dead-On: Score 150 points at the shooting range
  • A Real Hero: Save a cat from the Burning Hotel
  • Nukem!: Eliminate 3 enemies with 1 explosive
  • Uphold the Law: Issue a ticket
  • May Be Used Against You: Hack an enemy turret
  • All Adds Up: Equip Auto-9’s PCB with any chip
  • I’d Buy That For a Dollar!: Find an OCP skill disk

Getting the Platinum in RoboCop Rogue is actually relatively easy. You don’t need to do any collecting or the sort or solve a specific number of cases. In fact, you can get the Platinum in less than 10 hours if you decide to play the game on Easy Mode and skip most of the side quests.

But there are some location-specific trophies and some skill challenges that you need to be aware of. If you’re playing in Easy Mode, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It’s only in Normal or even in Extreme that you may want to consider loading a previous save to a trophy run. That’s right. The challenges won’t allow you to do them again. So, you’ll have to be creative to get a second shot at them.

I’ll start this guide off with the Nukem! Bronze trophy. This is one of the more unpredictable combat trophies in the game. In my first playthrough, I got this one relatively late, only remembering that it exists after picking up the explosive rifle. On my second run, however, I managed to get it while in the TV station after shooting a grenade out of an enemy’s hand. I’m not saying that you should shoot at every grenade you see. I’m simply saying that you shouldn’t stress out if you can’t get this one when you want it. Believe me, you’ll get your hands on explosive weapons down the line.

The same goes for the Zip This Up Bronze trophy. You can literally get this one as soon as you pull out your gun for the first time. But you may not even be aware of it since most of us would be actively going for headshots.

The best time to go for the Live by the Bike Bronze trophy is when you first encounter motorcycle enemies during the Steel Mill quest. All you need to do is to aim down low, almost on the level of the tires. Slowing down time will make it even easier. If you don’t manage to get the trophy in that mission, you’ll have another chance once the bikers attack Downtown. If you don’t get it then. It is best to restart the level until you unlock the trophy.

Getting the Officer of the Month Silver trophy is actually quite easy. You can get it as early as the first mission. It’ll require you to collect all pieces of evidence and save “most” of the hostages. It’s quite telling that you’ll get an “A” in an evaluation if someone does get hurt in a hostage situation.

You can get the Dead-On, “This Guy is Really Good”, and SuperCop trophies as early as when you are doing your evaluations for OCP. The range only requires you to score a 50 to pass. But you can go as high as 999 if your reactions are fast enough. I suggest going for headshots for this one. Body shots are fine but headshots allow for instant downs while there’s always a chance for a line of bullets to not hit center mass.

There are a couple of opportunities to help officers Kurtze and O’Neal solve a murder case to get the Hard Boiled Silver trophy. The first opportunity is when you are in Downtown looking for the whereabouts of Soot. It’s called the ‘Who Killed Casey Carmel?’ side quest. The second one’s during your third trip to Downtown for the ‘Who Killed Simon Page?’ side quest. You only need solve one case to unlock the trophy.

Interestingly enough, you won’t be able to hack an enemy turret and get the May Be Used Against You Bronze trophy until late in the game when you’re chasing the Mercenary group into the sewers.

The No Stone Unturned Bronze trophy asks to you to look for a secret area in the arcade. The details of which, you can find on this guide. The same also applies to the Good Eyes, Murphy! Silver trophy. This one’s a little more complex than just pressing a button. And again, you can find more details in my Steel Mill secret area guide.

That only leaves two trophies unaccounted for.

To get the ‘A Real Hero’ Bronze trophy, you’ll need to help the hotel receptionist find her missing cat during the ‘Cybertrail’ main quest. It’s quite easy as you don’t really get burned as RoboCop and the receptionist will remind you once you reach the lobby. (Always, always gonna save that cat.)

Finally, the best way to destroy all UEDs during the ‘Shady Meeting’ quest in the shortest time possible is to take on the enemy bots as they are activated, getting up close and personal with them. You have to be mindful of the time since you have to listen to the OCP guy’s monologue for a good 1-2 minutes before another wave is activated. If you’re having problems, you can do this one on Easy Mode. But if you are play cards corrently, you’ll earn the There Can Only Be One Silver trophy.

And that’s everything I’ve got for this RoboCop Rogue City Trophy guide. Personally, I think Rogue City is the closest we’ve gotten to a RoboCop game done right. Plus, it doesn’t overuse the theme song like a lot of other games do. Whenever it starts to kick up, you know RoboCop is going to defy all odds in the name of justice.