How to Find Secret Area in Arcade – RoboCop Rogue City Guide

RoboCop Rogue City Secret Arcade Room Featured Image

There are only a handful of secret areas in RoboCop Rogue City that don’t require you to scan wooden crates for signs of movement. One of these places can be found in the downtown arcade where the youth of Detroit go instead of going to school. But there’s more to this place than just kids playing arcade games way past their bedtime.

In this short guide, I’ll tell you how you can find the secret area in the Arcade downtown as well as what you can expect to find. This is also what you need to do in order to unlock the No Stone Unturned Bronze trophy.

Where to find Secret Area in RoboCop Rogue City Arcade

The secret area in the Arcade can only be found during ‘The Search for Soot’ main story quest. Once you have talked to the kid in the bathroom and secured a warrant, you are to storm the basement with guns blazing.

There are probably around a dozen or so Torch Heads to fight but you shouldn’t have too much trouble handling them.

At the end of the basement, you should be in this common room that’s illuminated by a neon NUKE sign. (As pictured above.) Beside it, you’ll see this gate that’s hiding something in the shadows. This is where the search area is located.

If you walk up to the gate, you’ll notice a wire running from the side of the frame leading all the way to the owner’s office. This is where you need to go to open the gate.

If you’ve picked the clue inside the closet beside the basement door, a new dialogue open will become available, letting you enter the room without firing a shot. If you present this evidence to the guards, they will kill each other out of paranoia.

If you do not pick up the clue and have a high enough Psychology Skill, you will be forced to breach the room, killing the two Torch Heads and the scummy owner inside.

Now that you’re inside the office, look to the right side of the owner’s table. This button (pictured above) is slightly hidden in the shadows. And if you don’t get close to it and scan it, you won’t even know there’s something there to begin with.

Scan the button and you will get the option to press the button. Pressing the button will unlock the secret area, unlocking the trophy in the process.

With the gate unlocked, you should be able to walk across the room and see what’s inside the secret stash. There is one OCP Training Disk inside its case and a large assortment of stolen goods. If you still a few more points for POLICE WORK, then this place has you covered. Well, mostly covered.

This should give you roughly 300 or so points for the miscellaneous objective. Along with the other hidden stashes in Downtown, is a big help to cleaning up the streets.

Important: The raid in the basement is the only time that you’ll ever have a chance to unlock the secret area. The next time you come back Downtown and have to go to the arcade again, you will find that the basement is no longer accessible. This is something that’s easily missable on your first try.

At least you know what to be aware of the next time around.

And that’s everything I’ve got for this Arcade Secret Area guide for RoboCop Rogue City. The Arcade is not the only place keeping secrets in the game. We also have other location guides such as the one from the Steel Mill. This guide will tell you where you can find its hidden area and the Auto-9 upgrade board. I even have a guide letting you know how you can change armor and pistol skins if you fancy serving out in style.

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