Saints Row Report Details Perks, Ability and Flow Features

New details from Saints Row focusing

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A new report reveals more details about the upcoming video game Saints Row focusing on the new Flow feature, perks, abilities, and more.

What is the Saints Row Flow System?

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According to WhatIfGaming Journalist Tom Henderson, combat and perks will now be different than the original versions. These two features will now be dictated by the new mechanic called Flow. This will be a point-based mechanic that will allow players to use their abilities in combat and their Flow Points are being earned while in combat. They can earn points by dodging attacks, damaging enemies and vehicles, doing certain moves, and more. A good example would be fighting 10 enemies and 2 vehicles will net players with a 1,000 points which will equal to a certain number of Flow Points. Use those points to upgrade abilities.

How Do Abilities Work?

All Abilities are active, which means players will need to press a button to activate them. They are directly tied to a character progression, which means if the players levels are higher, more abilities can be accessed to. Abilities are also tied the Flow, which means Abilities that have better power will need more Flow Points to unlock and use them.

How Do Perks Work?

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For perks, there are three different categories which are Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate.

  • Basic offers small advantages in the game and can give players benefits from specific scenarios like fast movement during crouching, move faster while doing aiming down sight, and more.
  • Advanced will have better advantages for players like 50 percent increased health after an Execution, an increase in Flow Points after achieving victory, and more.
  • Ultimate will offer over-the-top benefits that could change the game entirely depending on how much players abuse it. One example is calling down powerful missiles to clear up an area.

Players can unlock up to five individual Perks with the first Perk Slot getting unlocked after completing the first mission. The other slots can be unlocked by purchasing them via in-game cash. The various types of Perks can be unlocked by completing missions, side missions, and challenges. Explore and complete challenges in order to gain basic to ridiculous Perks.

How Does Fast Travel Work and What’s Unique About It?

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Fast Travel feature will be unique to Saints Row. Players will not need drive far in order to reach their destinations. They will have to drive to the locations first, but when they get there, they need to take pictures of nearby landmarks. After taking them, they have now unlocked the fast travel to that location and can come back whenever they want.

Are These New Details Official?

No official confirmation yet from Volition as all these new details come from Henderson’s sources, so take these with a grain of salt for now.

Saints Row launches on August 23, 2022. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.