Samurai Maiden: Story Trailer & Gameplay Details Revealed

A new world where a school girls meets ninjas enters the fray has been revealed with new details

Samurai Maiden: Story Trailer & Gameplay Details Revealed

A new samurai-themed game is coming out soon this December. This game was developed by SHADE Inc., a Japanese gaming company known for games like Bullet Girls Phantasia, Kandagawa Jet Girls, and Sakura Taisen V Episode 0: Arano no Samurai Musume. The new game developed by them is called Samurai Maiden. Recently, during the TGS 2022, Samurai Maiden made its debut on the scene and not only showed its story details but also gameplay as well.


A temple in flames. Swirls of black smoke rise high into the sky. The angry shouts of soldiers can be heard all around. Before you stands a bearded old man… Wait, is that Nobunaga Oda?!

A young woman from the 21st century with sharp swordsmanship skills finds herself in Honnō-Ji during the Sengoku period! Together with a trio of newfound ninja friends, she races through the Underworld beneath Honnō-Ji, confronted by enraged corpses at every turn!

Nothing can stop this all-female powerhouse team, as the young woman turned samurai slashes up enemies while the ninja wipes them out with their fierce ninjutsu! And when things get tough, activate the Devoted Heart technique to have samurai and ninjas lock lips to enhance their abilities!

There are so many exhilarating, epic battles to take on! Slay the Demon Lord of the Sengoku period and forge everlasting bonds with your ninja friends! A brand-new female-led sword-fighting action game is here!

Gameplay Details

In Samurai Maiden, players will fight against numerous demonic possessed enemies in the Sengoku Era. Using your abilities learned as a samurai maiden, fight your way through hordes of corpses, and harness the ninjutsu techniques of her three ninja allies, whose skills include kunai, bombs, onmyoji magic, and even a mechanized fist.

Using the forbidden technique known as Devoted Hearts, ninja share and grant Tsumugi powers beyond your imagination. Activated through physical contact, unlock them through different levels of affection and unleash a power that shakes opponents you are facing and increase the amount of affection of your ninja allies.

Samurai Maiden is set to be released on December 8, 2022, for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, and the PC via Steam