Saudi Public Investment Fund Invests on Nexon, CAPCOM

That's a lot of money invested on both companies.


Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund or PIF has recently invested in both CAPCOM and Nexon.

Both game companies are now part of the many video game investments from the initiative chaired by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It has now purchased stakes of more than five percent in both of these companies.

According to media outlet Bloomberg (Paywall), the PIF now has a holding of more than $1 billion across the two game companies. The initiative said in a statement that this new move of theirs is just based purely on an investment opportunity.

Nexon is known for its popular online RPG Maple Story. CAPCOM is known for their franchises like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and more. Both now join the many game companies that PIF has invested in like Take Two Initiative, EA, and Activision Blizzard.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is popularly known for his love of video games and his preferred game series of choice is Call of Duty. This could be the reason for his investment in Activision Blizzard.